Simple Smokey Eye

Simple Smokey Eye

Hey my beauty babes, do you need a simple smokey eye look for those days you are in a bit of a hurry, but you still want to look great and feel more beautiful? One that takes very little product and very little time, and doesn’t depend on everything being so precise and perfect? I know I am always on the lookout for ways to simplify and improve my makeup routine. While I love makeup as much as any girl, I really don’t like to spend hour upon hour in front of the mirror. I’m betting you don’t either, so this is for you!

This simple smokey is so pretty that you may want to wear it even when you have more time to get dolled up. Smokey, sexy, and alluring, yet you still have time to get on with your day. It’s a win! I really love to go soft with the rest of my makeup when I wear this look, but you can glam it up any way you like!

Simple Smokey Eye Tutorialsimple smokey eye


  • Lightly apply your favorite eye makeup primer to the lid and just beneath the lower lash line to hold your beautiful smokiness in place.


  • Sweep a light nude color all over your lid and up to your brow.
  • Sweep a medium brown shadow over your entire eyeball area, stopping short of the inner corner.
  • Take your angle brush, wet it slightly, and dip into your darkest brown shadow. Apply to the crease of your eye, extending out past the outer corner, stopping just inside the outer end of your eyebrow.
  • Create a backwards c shape, back towards the center line of the upper lashes.
  • Fill in that whole c shaped area with the dark brown, and then extend beneath the lower lashes, creating a dramatic outline of your eye.
  • Using your round fluffy brush, apply the darkest shadow to the outer part of your upper lid, in the v area, using little circular motions until you have the depth you desire.
  • Blend and blend.
  • Apply your light shimmery shadow to the inner corners, inner quarter of your lid, and the brow area to create pretty glow.


  • Tight line your entire eyelid, top and bottom, with a quick stroke of your black eyelid pencil.
  • Using your angle brush,go over the eyeliner pencil with black or dark brown shadow to set the look.


  • Top off your simple smokey eye with two quick coats of black mascara for vavavoom glam!!


  • Define your brows by filling and shipping with brown shadow or pencil


  • Apply a quick BB cream or just dab concealer on your imperfections and blend with loose powder.


  • Apply a quick dab of pink lipstick or gloss.
  • How is that for a fast, fierce and flawless simple smokey eye look?

I timed myself, and I did the whole look in less than ten minutes. For me, that was record time to get my whole face done! I love this look, and I think you will too! Oh, and you can use any colors you like! Have fun dolling up on the run!

Happy beautiful life!!!

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