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Sleek Makeup

sleek makeup


A sleek makeup look can make any woman feel New York chic! If you want to learn how to apply sleek makeup, it’s really easier than you might think! The trick is not to overdo anything, and to focus on that clean, stark look. Let’s get started with some sleek makeup tips!

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To begin your sleek makeup look, you want to start off with a smooth and prepped face. Make sure your face has been cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized before you begin so that you have a smooth canvas to work with.

Now, take your favorite foundation, and apply it all over the face and neck with your flat foundation brush or your Beauty Blender. For your sleek makeup look, you want your complexion to appear absolutely flawless, so make sure you take time to carefully apply your foundation. Choose a foundation with a coverage that is right for you, and covers any blemishes or discolorations you may currently have. If you already have even skin, use a BB cream instead of a heavy foundation, but stick with one that does have some coverage to get that photo finish.

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Next step, conceal! Hide any redness thats peeking through your foundation, and cover up under eye circles. Your face should look smooth and even-toned for your sleek makeup look! Concealer will brighten up dull areas of the skin, plus take away any imperfections that are still visible.

It’s time to contour the face! For your sleek makeup, you don’t want to use any harsh bronzers or too much color. Keep your contour shade to a light taupe-y color, and apply it lightly to the hollows of your cheeks, the sides of the nose, and around the forehead and jawline.

For highlight, you want to choose a natural-looking highlight shade with either a slight shimmer or a matte finish. You don’t want to choose anything that appears sparkly on the face, but a touch of shimmer is acceptable. For sleek makeup, everything you apply onto your face should be kept simple and natural looking. Apply your highlight to your cheekbones, brow bones, forehead, chin, nose bridge, and cupid’s bow. Use a small amount in each area, so it is just enough to catch the light and give you that healthy looking glow!

Once your face makeup is complete, dust the entire face and neck with a mineral translucent powder or any finishing powder that you have in your makeup bag. You want your makeup to stay put all day long, and you want a nice matte finish. It’s time to move on to the eyes!

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For eyeshadow, stick with light, natural looking shadows. Apply a wash of a light nude color to the entire lid, the go back in with a taupe color to contour the lid, blending the taupe into the crease and the outer third of the eye.  Highlight the inner corner of the eye with a light or white eye shadow with a matte texture. The key to this eye look is to blend, blend, blend! You want it to appear as if you are not wearing any makeup on your skin or eyelids. Sleek makeup is all about simplicity, so you have to keep the focus to one area!

Eyeliner!! This is the KEY to  achieving sleek makeup, so you definitely want to take your time here to create the perfect, most even lines possible. To get the sleek look, take a midnight black gel or liquid eyeliner, and begin lining your eye as closely to the roots of the lashes as possible. Make small dashes with your flat eyeliner brush or your liquid liner applicator, and connect them with smooth strokes. Try not to tug on the skin or drag the tool across the lid, because you want a complete line with no gaps or deviations. Extend the line just almost to the end of the natural lid, gaining thickness as you go toward the end. When you are almost at the end of your lid, flick the brush upward, then connect the tip of the wing to the res of your line by going backwards on top of your line. It’s almost like you are drawing a triangle shape with your liner. The effect should be not quite a cat eye, because although your line does slant upward at the wing, it does not extend past your normal eyelid. You want your liner to be extremely sharp and black, so that it really pops. The nude colors on your lids should act as a good base for your eyeliner to truly stand out, because nothing else is competing for attention on your eyes.

Finish off with a pretty, neutral lip! *Muah!* To keep this no-competition look which is crucial for your sleek makeup application, your lips should be a nice, nude color as well. You want to look sleek and flawless, so line your lips with a nude color, then fill them in with either a light pink sheer lipstick or a nude lipstick that best compliments your skin tone.

And now you’re done! You should feel pretty and polished with this sleek makeup look. All that’s left is to pull your hair into a tight, sleek ponytail, dress it up in some NYC worthy professional chic clothes, and head out the door feeling powerful and confident!

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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