Smokey Brown Eye Tutorial

Smokey Brown Eye Tutorial

smokey brown eye tutorial, kandee johnsonKandee Johnson has a gorgeous smokey brown eye tutorial for a really pretty Kim Kardashian makeup look with a dark smokey brown eye and a really pale mouth. This amazing hot look is a great makeup look for brown eyes, but will actually work with your eyes, whatever their color! Let’s get started finding our Kardashian glam with this sensational eye makeup look!


Smokey Brown Eye Tutorial

Kim Kardashian Smokey Eyes | Kandee Johnson


Things you need and tutorial:


  • Your favorite foundation will work just fine.
  • Apply your foundation all over your face with your clean fingers, blending as you go to create a perfectly flawless complexion.


  • A concealer that is close to you skin tone – Use your clean fingers to cover any dark circles, any red areas around your nose or mouth, any blemishes or discolorations, and as a primer for your eyeshadow.
  • A concealer a little darker than your skin tone to use for contouring. Apply down the sides of the bridge of your nose, beneath your cheekbones to add definitions, and to the temple area.
  • Blend everything well so you look soft and natural.

Lip Spackel

  • If you want to use this to lighten your lips for the nude lip you can, or save your money and substitute your concealer. It works great too!
  • Some people have naturally blushed lips, which is awesome! However, if your want to have a nude lip, you can erase some of that ruby red with a lip spackle or a concealer. Just dab it over your lips until they are nice and pale.


  • You can use a really pretty, pearly shimmer liquid highlighter to create those light catching highlights that make you look lit from within. Utterly radiant!
  • Apply lightly to the tops of your cheekbones, just beneath your brows. to the inner corners of you eyes, down the bridge of your nose, and even to the cupid bow of your lips. If you dab the highlighter on the bow and the center of your lower lip, you will create the illusion of a very full, pouty mouth. You will love the glow!

Pressed Powder and sponge

  • This seals in all of your hard work. Press the powder on top of everything you have done so that your pretty makeup look will lat all day.
  • Kandee also loves a pretty loose translucent powder, so you can use that if you prefer it over a pressed powder.


  • Beige shimmer eyeshadow color – Apply all over you lids for a gorgeous base for this brown smokey eye tutorial.
  • Metalic ash gold brown – If you have this color you can use it in place of the following steps. If not, you can create a substitute color by combing the following colors in layers, as directed by Kandee.
  • Dark brown eyeshadow color – Apply all over the eyeball area of your eyes, and take it underneath as well, to help create that smokey lip.
  • Purple/brown eyeshadow color – Work this color into and just above the crease of your eyes to create the illusion of a deeper set eye. If you don’t have much of a crease, you can create it with makeup! Isn’t that cool!
  • Red/brown eyeshadow color – continue to layer the colors for a deep smokey eye effect.
  • Sparkly black eyeshadow color- Cover everywhere you have put the darker colors to add even more dimension. The black will ben with the other colors. Don’t worry. It won’t look like you have been punched in the eye!
  • Gold bronze color/Purple bronzy brown color. Again, layer on top of the other colors, and take it beneath the eyes as well. All of this layering helps create a beautiful blended look, which is very important. Always remember to blend!

Black Eyeliner Pencil

  • Line all around your eye, top and bottom. Also carefully line the inner rims.
  • Black eyeshadow to go on top of your liner to lock it into place. Use you r angle brush to lock in your liner with the black shadow.
  • Sparkly black eyeshadow color on top of the black shadow. Layer this color on top of the liner you have already applied to increase the intensity and dimension.

Cheek Colors

  • A light pink frosty color blush – Apply to the tops of your cheekbones to seal in the highlights you did earlier. Gorgeous! What a beautiful glow!
  • A bronze color blush – Apply from the corner of your mouth to right above your ear to add definition to your cheekbones. More dimensions create more interest to your look.
  • A rose pink color blush – Apply over the bronzer for a pretty healthy glow. Blend to look soft and pretty.
  • You can use a peach color if that works better with your skin tone. Peach looks better than pink if you have a more olive complexion.


  • Pale pink lip liner – line your lips – you can slightly overlain if you want to create fuller lips like Kim Kardashian’s.
  • Very pale pink lipstick – Fill in your lips with a pretty pale pink lipstick.
  • Pretty lip gloss – Top off your pale lips with a pretty lip gloss.


  • Eyelash curler
  • Black mascara


  • Medium brown pencil or powder. The pencil will be more defined, and the powder will look softer and more natural.

There is your beautiful smokey brown eye tutorial that you can wear anywhere you want to go. You can take it up a notch for more drama, or tone it down a little to fit into your everyday life. We love the dramatic smokey brown eye paired with the soft, nude mouth. Sexy eyes and kissable lips. What could be more beautiful?


Have fun playing up those brown eyes, beauties!






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