Smokey Eye for Green Eyes

Smokey Eye for Green Eyes

smokey eye for green eyes, kandee johnsonHere is a super glam smokey eye for green eyes. This is a really sexy smokey eye look and it’s also really fun! Smokey eyes have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians. They wore smudged eyeliner as protection from the elements and as a wrinkle preventative. Turns out people have been into anti-aging for ages!

But to save face, let’s talk about Cleopatra and her legendary smokey eyes. My history books always portrayed her as a classic beauty, but, oddly enough, she looked rather, well, odd. The truth is, the girl was brilliant, and her mind and engaging and powerful personalty worked in her favor. She spoke 12 languages and was skilled in the arts, literature, math, and science. She was an amazing leader, and all of that put together gave her a captivating   allure that men seemed to find irresistible. Let’s hear it for inner beauty, girls!

Turns out Cleopatra was also a toxic beauty, as were all of the other smokey eye wearers of her time. The Kohl eyeliner worn during the early smokey eyeliner days was full of lead! Poisonous and deadly, used to ward off evil and infections, and, horrors, applied as makeup. Sadly, it turns out those people were literally dying to be beautiful. The lengths we will go to for beauty!

The smokey eye of today is meant to draw attention to as well as brighten the eyes. We apply makeup such as the smokey eye for green eyes in order to be more beautiful and intriguing.We can go from a soft and pretty daytime smudge to an evening, sexy smolder with just a few strokes of our magical makeup brushes. We have so many possibilities of recreating our look everyday, and it’s really fun!

There is a perfect smokey eye look for every eye color, and many of them look great on all eye colors. If you are one of the special few who have green eyes, then this ones’s for you!!

This smokey Eye for Green Eyes tutorial by Kandee will have your beautiful eyes center stage and in the spotlight! All eyes on yours, focused on you! Perhaps we should have name this look a cat eye, in honor of your feline color. The spellbinding and magnetic allure of green eyes.

Thanks Kandee,for your awesome makeup tutorials! We love you!

Below the video is a list of the items you will need to complete this gorgeous smokey eye makeup.

Smokey Eye for Green Eyes Tutorial



Smokey Eye for Green Eyes Tutorial : Things you need

  • Primer
  • Concealer


  • cream color eyeshadow color for highlighting
  • emerald green cream eyeshadow color
  • lime green eyeshadow color
  • yellowy gold eyeshadow color
  • light goldyeyekhadow color
  • light shimmery eyeshadow color
  • light peach eyeshadow color
  • golden olive green shimmery color
  • black eyeshadow color
  • dark green eyeshadow color
  • neutral flesh color eyeshadow
  • light shimmery frosty color for highlights


  • black eyeliner


  • black mascara


  • dark brown shadow


  • false eyelashes


  • pink cream blush
  • light pink powder blush


  • hot pink lipstick
  • plum lipliner
  • frosty pink eyeshadow highlighter

Have fun with this beautiful smokey eye for green eyes! Remember, this smokey eye makeup looks beautiful on your eye color too, so smoke it up! Take care of yourself, mind, body, and spirit, and have a great day! You get to choose your life, so choose well! Love yourself and love others! Smile and make someone’s day! It will make yours too!

Happy beautiful life!


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