Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup

smokey eye makeupSmokey eye makeup is all the rage for Fall 2015, and the colors can be anything you choose. We’ve seen everything in the color spectrum; but in general, the browns have it, with copper and bronze taking center stage. The metallic look is making a strong come back, along with bold geometric lines in the eyeliner world. Blacks and grays are still, and probably always will be, very hot, but the purple family has made its way back to the frontline! We are excited about that! Shades of purple are beautiful for any eye color, but they especially flatter our hazel eyes!  They will be lovely on yours too, no matter the color of your beautiful eyes. Purples enhance every eye color, whether brown, green, hazel, gold, or black. What a versatile palette, and it’s so much fun to explore!

Not only is purple smokey eye makeup making a comeback, but pink or peach flushed cheeks are in. Yep! The nineties are finally back on the scene with their blushing cheeks and deeply colored lips. Red lipstick is huge on the runways this fall, as well as deep purples and pinks. Get ready to amp it up a notch or two!

Top Two Tips for Smokey Eye Makeup

  • Blend, blend, blend, blend, and blend some more for a soft, smokey eye.
  • Use good, clean brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial – Smokey Purple Eyes – Kandee Johnson

Guys! We have an awesome smokey purple eye makeup tutorial from Kandee that will have you fierce and flawless in no time flat! She is such a great talent and a wonderful, kind person. We just love her and we know you will too! You can thank her for working so hard to bring you this awesome tutorial by subscribing to her YouTube channel, if you haven’t already done that. Let’s try to double her already more than three million subscribers!

For your convenience, let’s get started with a list of the things you will need to create this gorgeous look.

Kandee used these colors from MAC:

  • Vibrant Grape
  • India Ink
  • Purple Haze

Urban Decay Eyeshadow:

  • from the Alice In Wonderland Palette
  • (purple color: Underland)

Of course, you can use any purples that you already own and get just as beautiful of a look!

Here is everything you need!

Foundation and Concealer

Go ahead and create your perfect foundation and concealer, and you’re all set by the end of this smokey eye makeup tutorial.


  • Primer – use your favorite primer


  • Pretty nude shadow
  • Lavender or purple color


  • Black smoldering eyeliner pencil


  • Lots of black mascara


  • Dark brown shadow


  • Soft pinky lip color

This is a gorgeous smokey eye makeup look, and you will have fun creating it. Don’t worry! It may look like a big mess at first, but Kandee will walk you  through the steps, and by the end you will be so glamorous you won’t know what to do!

Here it is!


And there you go! Isn’t she gorgeous? So are you! Now get out there and be your fierce and flawless beauty babeness!!! Have a great time, and remember to shine your light wherever you go! There is only one you, and you are awesome!!

Happy beautiful life!!!


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