Smokey Eye Tutorial

Smokey Eye Tutorial

smokey eye tutorialThis smokey eye tutorial really is one of my favorite eye makeup looks! Who doesn’t love a beautiful smokey eye, with all of its smokey possibilities? Beautiful depth and definition, drawing the focus to the eye itself, bringing light and enhancing the color, clarity, and sparkle. A well-done smokey eye is one of the most flattering eye makeup ideas a girl can have.

We have many smokey eye tutorials, and are determined to bring you more! I love all the looks, but the more classic ones tend to draw my eye the most. Even this look can be made more dramatic by simply increasing the intensity and depth of color. Your own creativity is free to wander about the canvas of your eyelids, adding a bit of this and that until you have achieved a look you love!

Smokey Eye Tutorial

:: what you will need ::


  • Primer
  • Very light bronze color
  • Shimmery, very light nude color
  • Glittery silver (if you want to add more glam)
  • Dark brown shadow
  • Darkest brownish-black
  • Black eyeliner pencil

Eyeshadow Brushes

  • Fluffy point tip brush
  • Small fluffy brush
  • Flat angle brush
  • Flat straight brush

If you don’t have all the brushes, you can still create the look in this smokey eye tutorial. The suggested brushes just make it a little easier. As always, first create your perfect foundation and your beautiful brow!

Smokey Eye Tutorial


  • Apply your favorite primer to the entire eyelid and just beneath your lower lashes, so your smokey eye won’t turn into a messy puddle!


  • Apply a concealer that is very close or perfectly matched to the skin tone of your eye area, creating a beautiful, neutral palette.


  • Using your fluffy brush, sweep a light bronze over your eyelid and extend slightly out and just above the crease of your eye.
  • Using your dark brown/black eyeliner pencil, draw a backwards C into the crease of your eye. Begin above the iris, about halfway between the inner corner and the inner curve of your iris.
  • Follow the crease, drawing a line toward the outer edges of the eye, curving naturally with the crease, but not extending to the V. That comes later.
  • Just before you reach the point where you would begin making a V shape, curve your line into a backwards C, connecting with your lash line at the point that lines up with your pupil. Good job!
  • Using your fluffy pointed eyeshadow brush, dip into your dark shadow and trace over the line you just drew, blending into a soft but defined smokey look like in the smokey eye tutorial picture.
  • Using the same brush and color, extend past the line, filling in the outer edge to create a beautiful V shape.

Eyeliner Time

  • Using your black eyeliner pencil, line the entire eye, including the inner corners and water line.
  • Using your flat angle bush, dip in darkest shadow and trace the line to set.


  • Using your light shimmery color, apply a shimmer to inner corners and the brow bone.
  • For added drama, or to go from daytime to evening, sweep a glittery silver shadow on the inner two thirds of your eyelid, and slightly beneath the inner third of the lower lash line.

This look is so easy to do that I attempted to follow this smokey eye tutorial while my husband drove us to work. Of course, I am saving the silver glam for dinner this evening. Turns out I pulled it off, so that means this beautiful look is not too dependent on perfection haha! I hope you enjoy getting your glam on! Go out and be all you can be!!

Happy beautiful life!!!


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