Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye

smokey eyeThe beautiful and alluring smokey eye can’t be overlooked in our series of gorgeous eyeliner styles. The captivating look of the well done smokey eye can’t be denied! We are here to make this look far less intimidating than it’s scary reputation.:) I mean, honestly guys, if I can do it, you can kill it!

Every girl deserves a smokey eye look that helps her feel beautiful, sexy, strong, and even mysterious. If a smokey eye helps you feel more confident, powerful, and ready to take on the world, then for crying out loud, let’s get your smokey eye and smokey eyeliner look going. And let’s make it as quick and simple as possible, because you’ve got a life to live. Really, this smokey eye tutorial is simple enough for the novice, but you more advanced creatives can take it to any level you can visualize. Wherever you fall, on one of the extreme ends,or somewhere in the middle, this smokey eye look will work for you!

9 Easy Steps to a Smokey Eye


  • You don’t want your beautiful smokey eye to melt off!
  • Use your favorite eye makeup primer
  • Create a smooth palette for your makeup
  • Apply to the lids and beneath the eyes


  • Use your favorite concealer.
  • Apply to lids, beneath eyebrows, and to the under- eye area.
  • Cover any darkness or redness for a clean palette to paint on your smokey eye look.
  • Be sure to add moisturizer if your skin is dry so your makeup looks dewy and fresh.

Base Eyeshadow

  • Use your favorite nude eyeshadow color.
  • Apply over entire lid, up to the eyebrow area.

Smokey Color Eyeshadow

  • Choose a deep smokey color. Grays, browns, greens, purples, anything you love will work.
  • Apply a medium version of that color from the center of your lid to the outer corner, from the lash line to the crease.
  • Apply a darker color to the outer third of your eye, creating a v-shape that extends just beneath the lower lash line.
  • Blend and blend ¬†until all of the lines are blurred and you have a smoothe finish.


  • Take you favorite black eyeliner and apply top and bottom, being sure to get really into the lash line.
  • If you want, line the inner rims, top and bottom, for a more dramatic effect.
  • Take your angled brush, dip it into your darker eyeshadow, and blend into your eyeliner for even more drama.

Loose Powder

  • Clean up any mess with a Q tip.
  • Lightly apply loose powder over your smokey eye makeup to hold it in place.


  • Take a beautiful light shimmery color and apply to the inner corners, the center of your lid, and beneath your brows to create an open, bright look for your smokey eye look.
  • You can add more depth with your darker colors and blend until you love the look!

Your beautiful smokey eye look can go from day to evening. For daytime, save the darkest colors to add for your evening look. You can add more smokey drama for the evening by intensifying both the depth of color and the level of eyeliner. Your look is completely up to you!

Glam it up all you want with this easy smokey eye! All eyes will be on you!

Happy beautiful life!!!


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