Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes

smokey eyesWhen it comes down to the most loved eye makeup look, it seems that smokey eyes have it! The smokey eye is everywhere, in all intensities, and all color palettes. From the simple smokey eye to the most crazy and dramatic, we love them all! Some of the looks involve a lot of precision and time, and others are pretty quick and easy, so that even the novice can have beautiful smokey eyes!

We have been working hard to bring y’all so many smokey eyes tutorials lately, than I am literally dreaming them up in my sleep. I have been learning so many new approaches and ideas about how to create the perfect smokey eye that I can’t close my eyes without visualizing a smokey eye look, and then proceeding to create it in my dreams. The options are truly endless, so use your own imagination to create a beautiful look that you love! You are more creative than you know! Paint away!

One of my favorite looks for a sultry, yet not too sultry, look for smokey eyes, is to go with a taupe and gray palette to create drama and depth, while still looking soft and beautiful. This can easily go from day to evening, by simply intensifying the eyeliner and adding a deeper gray to the outer corners. You could even add some glittery silver to the eyelid and just breath the outer lower lash line if you really want to sparkle!

This beautiful eye makeup look is really pretty easy. You can go with an easier eyeliner if you want until you master the liquid. It will all be gorgeous! If you only have taupes or grays, that will be fine too. Just use the darker colors as instructed in the tutorial.

You will want to begin by creating your foundation after moisturizing so that you flawless and ready to go once you do your smokey eyes. Perfectly glam!

8 Easy Steps for Smokey Eyes


  • Gently dab on your favorite primer, lightly covering lids and beneath lower lash line so your makeup doesn’t slip.


  • Dust your nude color all over your lid, even into the brow bone, to create a natural palette for your smokey eyes.
  • Sweep your medium taupe color (or medium gray if you prefer) over the entire eyeball area and blend into the crease.
  • Take your flat angled brush (I like to slightly wet it) and blend your darkest gray into the crease, then to the outer edges, creating a v shape back to the center of your top lash line. Fill in the v, all the way to the center of the eye and BLEND!!!
  • Dab your pretty light shimmery color into the inner corners, the inner third, and the brow bone to create a lovely, soft glow.


  • Use your black liquid eyeliner and create a beautiful wing, lifting up and out, creating a line that would meet your outer eyebrow if you kept going. You can also use a black pencil or gel liner, or even dip a wet flat able brush not your black eyeshadow and create the same effect without all the fuss of a liquid. Any would be gorgeous!
  • Line the inner rims and the waterline for beautiful definition and to add some drama.



  • If you want, apply false lashes and blend with lots of black mascara. Your own lashes topped with black mascara will look great too! It’s up to you!!

There you go! Have fun with this gorgeous look for your smokey eyes! Laugh and choose joy! Love your life and love people! Be the best version of yourself and shine your inner light!


Happy beautiful life!!!








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