Smoky Eye

Smoky Eye

smoky eyeLooking for a great smoky eye tutorial using the Naked palette? We have both for you today, and you will love it! The smoky eye is one of the most stunning makeup looks a girl can wear, and this one from Kandee is amazing. As always, she is also fun and engaging, so you  will have your beautiful new look done before you know it!

Like Kandee, we love love love the Naked palette, with all of its gorgeous colors! You can do so many things with the range of colors, and all of the different textures. It is a beautiful and versatile palette, and since it is not the most expensive of nice makeup palettes, I would highly recommend it! We use it almost every day, even with all the new palettes that are available now – though we are truly looking forward to the new Naked 4 Palette!

This gorgeous look that Kandee will teach is wonderful for making the most of brown eyes, but it will be beautiful on any eye color. It’s really fun to find a tutorial that focuses especially on your eye color though, because you can be certain it will flatter your own gorgeous orbs.

What Kandee Used in this Smoky Eye Tutorial

  • Naked Palette from Urban Decay
  • You can use whatever you have on hand that has similar colors.
  • Save your money when you can!

Things you need to create this smoky eye look if you don’t buy the Naked Palette


  • a really light shimmer color shadow
  • a medium gray color shadow
  • a flesh color loose powder
  • a medium light color shadow
  • angel brush
  • a dark, shimmery black color shadow
  • a burnt auburn color shadow
  • eyeliner
  • black eyeliner
  • blending dome brush


  • eyelash curler
  • black mascara

Enjoy creating this beautiful smoky eye! Kandee makes it so easy, so be sure to thank her sometime by subscribing to her YouTube channel so that she can create many more great tutorials to help us all feel more beautiful!

Smoky Eye Tutorial

Wow! What a gorgeous look and what a smooth blend from the Naked Palette shadows! I know that I will always love my Naked Palettes. One great thing about them is that my sensitive eyes respond well to them. That makes me happy, because no makeup look is pretty on red, puffy eyes! So thanks to Kandee and to Urban Decay Naked Palette for this awesome smoky eye look that I can wear!

There you go! Have fun getting your glam on! You are awesome, so go have an amazing day!!

Happy beautiful life!!!


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