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spray on nail polish, nail polishSpray On Nail Polish

Guys! Have you tried the latest craze in nail art? Spray on nail polish is making a big splash in the world of nail beauty. Beautifully manicured nails make a big impact on your overall look, so anything we can find to make your mani easier and more affordable is always on our radar.

Enter spray paint nail polish! Talk about a fun party with your friends! Trying new beauty products while laughing with your besties is always a win, even if the outcome is a fail. Spay on nail polish eliminates the fail, so that’s what goes me excited bout trying it!

Painting my nails has always been a big old messy deal, and I have never achieved the perfection that I can get at the nail salon. However, those trips to the spa can get expensive and time consuming, so I have decided that I will give spray nail polish a try. Its not expensive, and one can will give me several applications. And since I am doing my nails at home, I can double dip on my primping time and whiten my teeth at the same time. I am all about multi tasking whenever possible. That gives me more time to play!

Spray Nail Polish Reviews

Ready to nix the bottle and go for the spray? Have a little fun! Click here to try spray on nail polish for yourself!

We have reviewed tons of spray nail polish reviews, and for the most part people seem to love it. It’s quick, easy, and dries fast. That’s a big plus for me because I just don’t seem to have the patience required for thorough nail drying. I almost always end up messing up my hard to do mani, and that’s frustrating. Something that sprays on, dries fast, and the mess washes away with water sounds like heaven to me!

We have heard that the smell is a bit strong, so I am going to take mine out on my screened in porch since I’m sensitive to chemical smells. It’s got to be way less smelly than the nail salon! Sometimes I think I might choke to death on the fumes in those places!

Also, be prepared for the cold feel of the spray on your fingers. No worries though! Its only a momentary sensation, and the easy clean up from you skin makes it worth a little frost bite. Just kidding! Your fingers will be perfectly safe!

How to Use Spray Nail Polish:

  1. Place some paper towels on your desired painting surface. You only want to paint your nails:)
  2. Apply the clear base coat to your nails with the special base coat provided
  3. Place  your hand flat on top of the paper towels
  4. Shake , shake, shake the can. Then shake it a little more. This step is important so that you get a nice, smooth finish.
  5. Use your fee hand to dispense the spray polish across your finger nails. Don’t worry about getting it on your skin! It washes right off with soap and water.
  6. Apply the clear top coat, and allow to dry. It dries in no time!
  7. Remove the remaining polish from your skin by washing with soapy water. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily the mess washes away, leaving only beautifully painted nails.

Easy breezy! Get some and have fun creating your own beautiful mani with spray on nail polish.



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