Steak and Shake Menu Nutrition

Steak and Shake Menu Nutrition

steak and shake menu nutrition, kandee johnsonSteak and Shake menu nutrition is probably not as good as you might be hoping for, since those terms actually may not even belong together in the same sentence to begin with! The Steak ’n Shake menu is pretty big, but not too varied in scope of items. We’re happy to bring you some nutritional information for you here, but first –  some pricing info for that Steak and Shake menu.

Steak and Shake Menu

The Steak ’n Shake menu is pretty focused – surprisingly enough, on steak (burgers) and shakes! Here are the main categories in the menu, and a general idea of the price range:


Steakburgers – below $5

Kids Menu – $2 to $3

Salads – $4 to $6

Milkshakes – $3 to $4

Chili – $3 to $5

Steakburger Sandwiches – $3 to $5

Melts – below $5

Specialties – $4 – $6

Platters – add $2 to $3 to the main price

Kids Milkshakes – $2 to $3

These price ranges are VERY generalized – only to give you an idea of how much you might spend. As you can see, the Steak and Shake Menu is pretty affordable, as restaurant prices go. We would actually call it a fast food restaurant even though they would probably argue that.

Steak n Shake Menu Nutrition

There are not all that many items on the Steak and Shake menu that we would consider “healthful,” even though some things are not all that horrible for you. There’s just not a lot of nutritional value represented in this menu, but let’s face it – you didn’t come to Steak ’n Shake to eat healthy, you came for taste! And maybe the price…

So in case you’re wondering about the actual nutritional value of the food you might encounter on your visit to Steak ’n Shake, let’s look at some things that might be the best (of the worst) to order, and then some of the items that are flat-out horrible choices.


(aka “You can eat this and not completely derail your diet.”)

Grilled Chicken Salad

  • 270 calories
  • 30 carbs
  • 3 fiber
  • 6 sugar

This one is a pretty low-calorie choice! Of course, it’s also somewhat boring. Plus, you can assume you’re going to add about 150 calories when you pour on the dressing. Here’s an idea though – ask for some salsa on the side, then use that as a dressing replacement. It spices things up a little, and is usually practically no calories. You might also check out these:

  • Apple Pecan Grilled Chicken Salad (330 calories)
  • Fried Chicken Salad (470 calories)
  • Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad (490 calories)


  • 280 calories
  • 30 carbs
  • <1 fiber
  • 4 sugar

On the surface, it looks pretty much the same AS THE GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD! However, we both know that if you get a burger, you’re getting fries too (regular fries weigh in at 440 calories on their own!) But, you could always leave off a bun or 2, and take the carbs down significantly. But then you’re left with pretty much a hamburger patty and some pickles and lettuce – ha!

Chicken Gumbo or Vegetable Soup

  • 140/130 calories
  • 22/24 carbs
  • 3/3 fiber
  • 7/6 sugar

These soups are technically the lowest calorie offerings on this list, but it’s actually on the “sides” section of the Steak and Shake menu; so even the bowl might be kind of small. You might try pairing it with a small garden salad (only 45 calories!).

Turkey Club Sandwich

  • 420 calories
  • 45 carbs
  • 2 fiber
  • 9 sugar

420 calories might sound kind of high for a sandwich, but it does have 3 layers of bread. Leave off one or two of those layers, and the carb & calorie count will go down some. The Steak n Shake Menu includes several other pretty decent sandwich choices that hang out around the 500-calorie mark, and they’re not all that bad. But the club would be the healthiest of them all.

Now let’s check out some of the worst choices you can make on the Steak and Shake Menu, and why.


(aka “Don’t eat this. Ever.”)


THIS. IS. BAD. You should not eat chili here. For instance, a bowl of 5-way chili is 1170 calories, and 99 carbs! That’s too much for a lunch, and wouldn’t be a good idea.

Frito’s Chili Cheese Double Steakburger

Okay, did I really have to name that one for you? You probably figured out before you got to the end of the name that this one would not be your best choice, with 1060 calories and 49 carbs.


Most everything on the MELTS section of this menu are pretty high – 650-750 calories, and lots of carbs. Not to mention the fries you’ll probably eat along with it!

Bacon Cheese Fries

This is only a large ORDER OF FRIES, with 870 calories. But, bacon…

When you eat at almost any restaurant, especially chains, you’re going to encounter a bunch of hidden calories and diet-sabotaging stuff, and it will sneak up on you if you’re not paying attention! So just dedicate a little brainpower & some minimal research (like you’re doing right now), and you can usually find something relatively healthy to eat; and even Steak and Shake Menu nutrition can turn out better than you might think! Enjoy!

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