Steak and Shake Nutrition

Steak and Shake Nutrition

steak and shake nutritionIf you’re looking for Steak and Shake nutrition information, you’ve come to the right place! Steak and Shake is a popular fast-food restaurant chain that you’ll find in many cities across America, and there’s a reason they’re popular – it’s delicious! But delicious does not always translate into healthy, and no matter whose menu you’re perusing, smart choices need to be made – because your health literally depends on it!

Today, we’re going to look at 3 different items on Steak and Shake’s menu to see what’s healthy and what’s not when you’re considering Steak and Shake nutrition.


Steak N Shake Double Cheeseburger

For starters, let’s check out the most popular burger item at Steak and Shake:

the Original Double ’n Cheese Steakburger.

steak and shake nutrition

If you’re hungry for a big, sloppy, greasy cheeseburger, it doesn’t get much better than this! It’s described as  “two hot-off-the-grill Steakburgers with American cheese, on a toasted bun and your choice of toppings.” It’s served with – shocker – french fries! It will definitely fill you up, but there’s a reason for that – check out these nutrition facts!

steak and shake nutrition

As fast-food burgers go, this is actually not the worst out there (some top 1000 calories by themselves!), but it’s not a great choice overall, if you’re even slightly health-concious. It boasts 440 calories, over half of which are from fat. The sodium levels are not horrible, but almost 600mg is still quite a bit of sodium. Tons of carbs, which turn into sugar (and in turn, poundage!) soon after you eat them. 22g of protein is pretty good (that’s the beef & cheese), but ZERO fiber! Fiber helps with regulating insulin levels, aids in digestion, & keeps down bad cholesterol, among many other awesome things – and in this burger, there is none of it.

Plus, it’s served with a small order of fries, which adds 240 more calories. And who among us is going to pass on the fries that come with a burger? Not me! But the fries make this meal a downright terrible choice, unless you want to fry them in pure, unrefined coconut oil! Taking off the bread would save you some calories & carbs, but that doesn’t exactly save the day or anything. There are many other ways to eat 680 calories that would be much more nutritional.

Steak and Shake Menu

So let’s check out another option: the Chili Cheese Steak Frank.

steak and shake nutrition

It sounds pretty serious, and it is. Basically a big hot dog, smothered with chili, cheese, and onions. Another delicious health-killer!

steak and shake nutritionThis one is actually way worse than the burger we just talked about – a whopping 620 calories, without the fries! Almost 400 calories of fat, HUGE amounts of sodium & carbs. A tiny positive note: it does have 3 grams of fiber (yippee). That was a sarcastic “yippee,” by the way!

If you’re really wanting to disregard your health & pig out on something really bad for you, this is an excellent choice! Generally speaking, hot dogs are always bad in the sodium category, and usually the fat category as well. Sonic’s all-beef dogs are actually pretty good, compared to this one, except for sodium levels. And it’s not often that Sonic beats anything in a healthy food shoot-out!



Steak and Shake Nutrition Taco Salad

Since we’ve struck out so far, let’s look at something that’s supposed to be actually healthy – a salad! The Taco Salad with Beef seems like a better choice, on the surface – because hey, it’s a salad!

steak and shake nutrition

But this salad hits us with almost as many calories as the dog, and even more sodium! What the heck?!

steak and shake nutrition

With 580 calories, 2250mg of sodium, and 48g of fat, this salad is a greasy burger in disguise, and that’s without dressing! The typical dressing serving for a restaurant, which is WAY more dressing than I can stand on a salad, includes around 200 calories. So you think you’re eating healthy, ordering a salad like a good little girl or boy, and you get stuck with almost 800 calories after adding dressing. Forget that – go back to the burger!

In fact, at most restaurants, the salads are deceivingly huge in calories, fat, sodium, etc. Often if you just order a burger, ask for extra lettuce instead of a bun, and a side salad or fruit instead of fries, you’ll be better off than choosing most of the other menu items – even the “healthy” meals.


So let’s recap:

Original Double ’n Cheese Steakburger

440 calories

590 mg sodium

31 g carbs (that’s pretty high!)

0 fiber

fries add 240 more calories!


Chili Cheese Steak Frank

620 calories (whoa!)

1590 mg sodium (double whoa!! – way too high)

31 g carbs (still high)

3 g fiber


Taco Salad with Beef

580 calories (in a salad?)

26 g carbs

48 g fat (that’s the beef, and probably cheese)

6 g fiber


Well,  we have not had too much success here, if we’re looking for some good news on the subject of Steak and Shake nutrition. There might be other slightly healthier choices on their huge menu, but most are actually worse. Nobody goes to Steak N Shake to eat healthy. So don’t expect to help your diet any at all at this restaurant. Fast food is always pretty much your worst choice, and this place is no exception. However… it is very tasty! Just not worth it.

Keep working at it, people – if you pay attention & do your research, you can eat healthily if you really want to. It’s worth the effort, because this is your one & only life!

Stay healthy!

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