Steak N Shake Shakes

Steak N Shake Shakes

steak and shake shakesThere must be something about Steak N Shake shakes that’s different from the rest of the menu; or different from everyone else’s menu, apparently. They must be great, right? I mean, they did make top billing, in the restaurant’s NAME! And there are over 500 Steak N Shakes in the U.S. So, let’s dig into the great Steak N Shake shakes and see what shakes out… sorry, too easy.

Steak N Shake was founded in 1934 in Normal, Illinois (I am not making that up), by a not-so-normal guy named Gus Belt. He started out making burgers “in sight” of his customers, so they’d know exactly what was in the burgers. He would wheel out a barrel of T-bone, round, and sirloin steaks into a public area of the restaurant, and proceed to grind them up in front of the customers! This practice was in order to assure his customers that he was using only quality ingredients in his burgers. Before the U.S. had so many laws in place regarding serving food to the public, “ground beef” had gotten a bad rap, because it often had impurities and extenders ground into it. Grinding it in front of God & everybody, though, he was also able to assure the veracity of his “Steakburger” claim, since they could watch it happen live and in person.

They say that in the early days, Gus would sometimes dig through the trash at the end of the day in order to find out what his customers weren’t eating so he could further hone the menu. Now that’s a dedicated burger-maker!

The claim of “hand-dipped shakes” is still one of the most alluring draws to the restaurant to this day, and that’s why we’re going to look into it a little right here.

I think one of the best ways to approach this is to start with a full listing of all the Steak N Shake shakes you can find on their menu, and then maybe a few facts about each one. Disclaimer – I did not try every one of these shakes personally, because I enjoy weighing less than 200 pounds. But we have our ways, and are happy to pass the info on to you, so you can make intelligent Steak N Shake shake decisions. If that’s really a thing…

First, the “classic” shakes, followed by the calorie count:

Chocolate – 410 calories

Vanilla – 400 calories

Strawberry – 400 calories

Banana – 430 calories

Mocha – 400 calories

Orange Freeze – 390 calories

Dark Chocolate – 480 calories

Next, let’s check out their “Side by Side” shakes, which is basically two flavors, split right down the middle of the glass. I’m going to let you figure out what the names mean yourself, because it’s kind of obvious. Also, you can create your own side-by-side flavor combination – which means you get to name it!

Vanocolate – 405 calories

Strawnilla – 400 calories

Banocolate – 420 calories

Strawnana – 415 calories

And then they have their “specialty” shakes, which change according to location, time of year, and whatever other random reasons. Steak N Shake doesn’t publish the calorie count for these particular shakes, which I would imagine is because IT’S A TON. But check these out, along with their official descriptions. I think at this point, we’re not caring much about the nutrition facts. Nobody orders a shake for its nutritional value anyway, do they?

Cookie Butter – “Our delicious hand-dipped milkshake is blended with speculoos cookie butter ~ spreadable speculoos cookies with hints of gingerbread, cinnamon and caramel! One taste and you’ll believe – it’s simply spectacular!” omg…

Caramel Apple – “A smooth apple milk shake covered with a thick layer of caramel sauce, whipped cream and a cherry – it’s the perfect combination for a delicious Fall treat!”

Campfire S’mores – “Enjoy the flavors you love around the campfire – toasted marshmallows, melted chocolate and crispy graham crackers all blended together in a delicious hand-dipped milk shake!”

Nutella – “Our delicious hand-dipped milkshake blended with rich, creamy Nutella hazelnut spread. Topped with whipped cream, cherry and a drizzle of Nutella on top!”

Oreo® Cookies ’n Cream – “Chunky cookie pieces makes this hand-dipped Milkshake irresistible! The Oreo® Cookies ‘n Cream Milkshake is topped with whipped cream and a cherry.”

Oreo® Mint Cookies ’n Cream – “A blast of cool mint with chunky cookie pieces makes this hand-dipped Milkshake irresistible. The Oreo® Mint Cookies ‘n Cream Milkshake is topped with whipped cream and a cherry.”

Chocolate Covered Strawberry – “Milkshake with real strawberries. Topped with a layer of hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry. Delicious chocolate covered strawberries you can sip through a straw!”

Birthday Cake – “Celebrate your special day with a Birthday Cake Shake! We’ve blended our hand-dipped shake with moist, yellow birthday cake and sweet buttercream frosting to create a deliciously smooth, indulgent treat and topped it with festive sprinkles!”

Snickers – “A classic shake made with a classic candy bar favorite, Snickers®! Delicious bits of Snickers® – peanuts, caramel, and milk chocolate – mixed into our smooth, hand-dipped Vanilla shake for a satisfying treat!”

Salted Caramel Pretzel – “A delicious creation that’s both sweet and savory! Our hand dipped Milkshake is blended with salted caramel syrup and sweet ‘n salty caramel pretzel pieces then topped with whipped cream, cherry and more pretzel pieces!”

Ultimate Banana – “Our hand-dipped Milkshake blended with two fresh bananas for the ultimate banana flavor!”

Chocolate Banana – “Our hand-dipped Milkshake blended with rich chocolate syrup and delicious fresh banana – a classic combination!”

Strawberry Banana – “Our hand-dipped Milkshake blended with fresh banana and sweet strawberries – a fresh, fruity combination!”

Turtle Caramel Nut – “The popular candy makes for an amazing, thick hand-dipped Milkshake. The Turtle Caramel Nut Milkshake is topped with whipped cream and candy pieces.”

Okay, this is getting out of hand – there are more that come & go, which may or may not include Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, M&M’s, Double Chocolate Fudge, Nestle Butterfinger, Heath, Very Berry Strawberry, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

All delicious – all bad for you – but who cares at this point?

If you’re craving a great shake, and have decided “what the heck – it’s my official cheat day” or “my pony died” or whatever other excuse you might be able to come up with, then go for the best. It’s hard to beat a Steak N Shake shake – 200 pounds, here I come!

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