Synonyms for Beautiful

Synonyms for Beautiful

synonyms for beautifulWhen you think of synonyms for beautiful, what words come to your mind first? Gorgeous? Hot? Attractive? Pretty? What about words like kind, loving, encouraging, and confident? It’s time that we shift the focus of beauty to something that goes beyond the surface, and into what’s truly inside.

Have you ever noticed that someone who is not the most classically attractive person according to society’s regulations can become so beautiful or handsome to you after you get to know them as a person? That’s because that person is allowing his or her inner beauty to exude into their outer presence. Sometimes you can find yourself becoming more and more physically attracted to someone by simply spending time with them and getting to know their personality! That’s when you start expanding your mental library of synonyms for pretty. Maybe it’s their quick wit, their gentleness of spirit, their easy laugh, or the way they treat others, but something about them begins to change the way you view them, and even how you define good-looking.

Well guess what? The same can be said for you! If we are always worried about our outer appearances and making sure we look good, we often focus too much on ourselves and miss all kinds of opportunities to do great things, and even more importantly, opportunities to let our inner beauty shine through! Here are some ways that you can make sure that you don’t hold yourself back from being as beautiful as you truly are!

Trick #1: Once you get ready in the morning, DON’T check the mirror anymore!!

If you are constantly concerned with how your hair looks after walking in the wind, if your discount makeup is running in the afternoon, or how your clothes are hanging, you are going to be caught up in self-criticism all day long. A great way to ditch feelings of self-consciousness is to simply ditch the mirror! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting yourself ready for the day so you can walk out of the house feeling confident and on top of things, but once you’ve got your makeup on how you want it (or not! Your choice entirely!) and you feel pretty, leave your house and don’t keep obsessing! Constant mirror checks will only make you turn your focus to yourself, and when you are focused on yourself and your own insecurities, you turn your attention away from others and you will not come across as the person you really are inside.

Trick #2: Set a goal everyday to make someone else feel good, everywhere you go!

Whether it’s by complimenting their makeup look, letting someone cut in front of you at Starbucks, talking to someone who is feeling shy, or simply spreading joy by smiling, try to turn your focus toward making other people feel like you care about them! This will only reflect well on you, and your inner beauty will begin to shine through. Want to take it a step further? Try signing up for a volunteer program! Find a place where you can serve your community in an area that interests you. Giving back gives you such a good feeling, and it helps you keep your focus turned outward even more – which then starts expanding your personal list of synonyms for LOVE! You might try looking at places like a homeless shelter near you, a children’s program in need of volunteers, and animal shelter, a church, or a nursing home. The options are really endless, so go out and find one that fits your personality and gifting!

Trick #: Just be yourself!!

You are an amazing, special, and unique person with qualities and gifts and talents like no one else! Don’t spend your time trying to fit in or be like somebody else, because this will hold you back from being able to show the world your true beauty. Still looking for synonyms for beautiful? Look no further than YOU!

Have fun showing the world your true selves, beauties!



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