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contouring tutorial, kandee johnson

Makeup Contouring Tutorial

                    Makeup Contouring Tutorial This makeup contouring tutorial will have you stepping up your glam to a whole new level! In a hurry? Check out this how to contour your face in less than 30 seconds edition! You may not always have the time it takes to contour your face like… Read more →

how to contour your face in 30 seconds flat, kandee johnson

How to Contour Your Face in 30 Seconds Flat

How to Contour Your Face in 30 Seconds Flat One of the latest and greatest trends in makeup is knowing how to contour your face. In this step by step video by Kandee Johnson, you will learn how to quickly and professionally apply contour makeup so that your features are emphasized in a way that enhances your natural beauty. A beautiful,… Read more →

5 contour makeup hacks, kandee johnson

5 Contour Makeup Hacks

5 Contour Makeup Hacks We all love that chiseled look that great contour makeup can provide, but seriously, most of us would love to know how to contour makeup with 5 contour makeup hacks. Those gorgeous contouring makeup tips can work magical wonders when you have the time, but on a day to day basis, it is great to let your… Read more →

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