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Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial Looking for a glamazon beach eye makeup tutorial? Heading out for your tropical vacation and wanting a beach babe look that can withstand the heat? You know you want to feel fresh and finished for that night out on the humid island. You will want a beautiful makeup look that won’t immediately melt off your face as… Read more →

eye makeup

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Eyes: the window to the soul! Give your soul a beautiful window frame with eye makeup. With infinite options of products, looks, tutorials, and shapes, tackling eye makeup can be a bit overwhelming! Let’s break it down and get to the good stuff, with a little help from Kandee, of course! Eye Makeup Look Number 1: Clean, winged… Read more →

eye makeup tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial This great eye makeup tutorial by Kandee Johnson will show you how to make smaller eyes look bigger and rounder! We all want those windows to our souls to be center stage, so this makeup lesson is one you will surely want to watch. Our eyes convey so many emotions, thoughts and feelings. They twinkle when we laugh,… Read more →

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