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eyeliner styles tutorial, kandee johnson

Eyeliner Styles Tutorial

Eyeliner Styles Tutorial This eyeliner styles tutorial features the beautiful, graceful, and timeless Audrey Hepburn. Her winged eyeliner was impeccable, and her makeup feminine, and absolutely gorgeous. She looked like a princess, the perfect match to every girl’s childhood imaginations. If you have never seen any of her movies, you really must go and treat yourself to a great big dose of… Read more →

eyeliner tutorial, kandee johnson

Eyeliner Tutorial

Eyeliner Tutorial Hey beauties, how about a fabulous eyeliner tutorial from the gorgeous Kandee Johnson? This everyday makeup look starring Kandee as Princess Jasmine will really help you create the most beautiful winged eyeliner look! This is not costume tutorial, though you can certainly use it as one if you are looking for a beautiful princess Halloween costume tutorial.  This… Read more →

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Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Perfect Winged Eyeliner Oh my goodness, guys, I love this perfect winged eyeliner look! It is so perfectly flawless, light, and glowing, yet romantically alluring. It allows your natural beauty to shine through, yet it accents and beautifully draws attention to your beautiful eyes. You could be the blushing bride, or the bombshell. This eye makeup look is one for… Read more →

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Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner Styles Hey guys, want to check out some great eyeliner styles? I am always happy for someone to come along and make my life a little easier by doing some research on something I need or want to do, and then telling or showing me how it’s done. I have a great friend who researches every decision to the… Read more →


Perfect Eyeliner

Perfect Eyeliner Ah, the pursuit of perfect eyeliner. So may of you have asked about perfect eyeliner, that I feel I need to pursue the options with you. Now, from the question, which is simply, perfect eyeliner, I could assume you are asking what do I think is the perfect eyeliner, or I could assume you want to know how… Read more →



Eyeliner The ancient Egyptians were onto something with the invention of eyeliner, weren’t they? Men and women of high position began define their eyes with eyeliner, both as a status symbol, and as a way to protect their skin from developing wrinkles from the harsh sun and environment. Most of us have seen images of the ancient kings and queens,… Read more →

eye makeup tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial This great eye makeup tutorial by Kandee Johnson will show you how to make smaller eyes look bigger and rounder! We all want those windows to our souls to be center stage, so this makeup lesson is one you will surely want to watch. Our eyes convey so many emotions, thoughts and feelings. They twinkle when we laugh,… Read more →

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