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makeup contour tutorial, kandee johnson

Makeup Contour Tutorial

Makeup Contour Tutorial This makeup contour tutorial by Kandee will show you how to contour your face like a pro in less than 30 seconds! It’s true! Beauty enhancement doesn’t have to take all day. Watch and be amazed as Kandee shows you the tricks of the trade. She will have your gorgeous self ready to go out the door… Read more →

makeup contouring, kandee johnson

Makeup Contouring

Makeup Contouring Wanting to amp up those makeup contouring skills? The latest in the art of makeup seems to require us to be actual artists if we want to look as glam and polished as everyone else seems. There is more to it than meets the eye, and I for one would never be able to pull of this beautiful… Read more →

contouring, kandee johnson


Contouring Contouring is an art form that we can all learn to do with the help of makeup contouring tutorials and our own trial and error. You can learn how to contour makeup to make the most of your beautiful features. So you think your nose is a little too big, or little bit crooked? Perhaps someone made fun of your… Read more →

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