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How to Get White Teeth Fast

How to Get White Teeth Fast If you are looking for how to get white teeth fast, then Kandee is your girl! Her teeth are always gleaming white, adding to her vivacious and sparking presence. One way to really turn up your glam is to whiten your teeth. Check out Kandee’s tutorial on how to use Crest white Strips for… Read more →

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Makeup Contour Tutorial

Makeup Contour Tutorial This makeup contour tutorial by Kandee will show you how to contour your face like a pro in less than 30 seconds! It’s true! Beauty enhancement doesn’t have to take all day. Watch and be amazed as Kandee shows you the tricks of the trade. She will have your gorgeous self ready to go out the door… Read more →


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening         How to Whiten Teeth Teeth whitening is one of the very best makeup tips we can give you. That smile of yours can really pack a punch when your teeth are as white as can be! Actually, if you have a beautiful white, bright, happy smile, makeup is very secondary. You just won’t need much… Read more →

how to whiten teeth, kandee johnson

How to Whiten Teeth

How to Whiten Teeth One of the best makeup tips we can give you is to teach you how to whiten your teeth. Nothing is more beautiful than a glowing white toothed smile. Your smile tells a lot about your personality, so why not try the best teeth whitening available for your budget? One of the whitest and prettiest smiles around belongs… Read more →

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