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Best Beauty Products

Best Beauty Products Want to know the best beauty products Kandee Johnson recommended in her October favorites video? Well so did we! Who better to tell us all of the best we can get for our dollars and our needs than from the guru herself? Let’s watch this fun and informative October Favorites and see what Kandee’s got up her sleeve… Read more →

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Bullying Top 10 Survival Tactics Bullying is not a new crime, but it is a growing problem, with cyberbullying taking things to a whole new level. A bully can truly hurt and intimidate the victim, and sometimes do irreparable damage to the mental and longterm well being of the targeted person. Check out these bullying top 10 survival tactics after watching Kandee’s new… Read more →

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Makeup Forever Glamour Shoot

Makeup Forever Glamour Shoot Have you seen Kandee Johnson’s Makeup Forever Glamour shoot video? Well, be excited because you are about to go behind the scenes with Kandee for the whole glamorous beauty process leading up to the video shoot. Watch as the amazing hair, makeup, and wardrobe crew prepare the gorgeous Kandee for a day of video shoots. It’s really… Read more →

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas Hey beauties! Kandee Johnson’s November favorites video is up and she has some great Christmas gift ideas for you! We all love help with Christmas gift ideas for mom, sister, grandmother, friend, teacher, or any other important female in your life. Kandee has Christmas gift ideas from makeup to boots, to cool clothing! She has the most… Read more →

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Eyeliner Tutorial

Eyeliner Tutorial Hey beauties, how about a fabulous eyeliner tutorial from the gorgeous Kandee Johnson? This everyday makeup look starring Kandee as Princess Jasmine will really help you create the most beautiful winged eyeliner look! This is not costume tutorial, though you can certainly use it as one if you are looking for a beautiful princess Halloween costume tutorial.  This… Read more →

eye makeup

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Eyes: the window to the soul! Give your soul a beautiful window frame with eye makeup. With infinite options of products, looks, tutorials, and shapes, tackling eye makeup can be a bit overwhelming! Let’s break it down and get to the good stuff, with a little help from Kandee, of course! Eye Makeup Look Number 1: Clean, winged… Read more →



Makeup Makeup: the ultimate form of self-expression. Why do women wear makeup? Is it because we think we are ugly? Because we have low self-esteem without it? Is it simply a society norm with no meaning whatsoever? Or is there something more to it, something deeper than impressing our peers with superficial beauty. Makeup is a form of art where… Read more →

kandeeland justice vlog

Kandeeland Vlog: Back to School Shopping Party!

Kandeeland Vlog: Back to School Shopping Party! Kandee and her daughters Ellie and Alani are SO ADORABLE in Kandee’s new vlog, “Back to School Shopping Party.” Follow their adventure below!   Aren’t they the cutest little trio ever?? The video starts off with Kandee and the girls singing in the car about their shopping trip to Justice. Totally an adorable… Read more →

Kandee Johnson-the bad day Video

Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video

Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video   This video  by Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video, is one in which we can see into the heart of our own beautiful Kandee. This video is full of encouragement that life will get better if you are going through a hard time. Life will get better! There is  plan for… Read more →

yoga simple practice

Yoga Simple Practice

Yoga Simple Practice Yoga simple practice. Ahh! Just the word “simple” is relaxing to us on-the-go girls. The world we live in can demand so much. We do all we can to meet those demands, don’t we? We love to give of ourselves and use and fully develop our gifts and talents to help better our lives and the lives of those… Read more →

Late Show Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson on the Late Late Show!

Kandee Johnson on the Late Late Show!       We are so excited because Kandee Johnson was on the Late Late show last night with James Corden! She was absolutely gorgeous and her bubbly personality stole the show. She is just the best! All of us Fandees are beside ourselves because our beautiful Kandee is finally being celebrated for… Read more →

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Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips 4 Secret Makeup Tips for that perfectly polished wow-factor! Hey babes! Looking for easy, GAME-CHANGER makeup tips to simplify and renew your routine? These makeup tips can take your look from slouchy to savvy in 4 simple steps. Ready to level up your look for effortless beauty? Let’s get started! 1. Your NEW concealed weapon! Forget foundation, try spot… Read more →

makeup tutorials

Makeup Tutorials

  Makeup Tutorials Wanna learn how to make your makeup stand out?? Makeup tutorials can help you learn the basics such as how to apply foundation or mascara, or more advanced things such as creating a perfect winged liner or sculpted face with contour makeup. I’ve compiled a list of THE BEST makeup tutorials on YouTube for every essential element… Read more →

About Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson facts! Height: 5’ 7” Weight: About 140lbs Birthplace: Suburbs of LA Fave song: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. (How fitting is that?? Even her favorite music is encouraging!) Zodiac Sign: Cancer Favorite Color: Turquoise Favorite Actor: Will Ferrell (Especially in Elf!) Fave Food: Comfort food! Think mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, buttery biscuits 😛 Top travel destinations and… Read more →

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