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Red Plumped Lips

Red Plumped Lips Tis the season of the red plumped lips. Red hot lips with the look of lip injections are all the rage. Why not try them on for yourself? Those Kylie Jenner lips are everywhere on social media, and it’s no secret that many girls are giving that look a shot. Shot glass that is. The effect is… Read more →

natural lip plumper injection hack, kandee johnson

Natural Lip Plumper Injection Hack

Natural Lip Plumper Injection Hack So we know a bigger pout is all the rage, and whether you are totally in or not, we thought you might like to try this natural lip plumper injection hack. All the gains without the pain. No needles, no permanent  results, and it’s practically free! Those real lip injections cost $400 to $800 dollars a… Read more →

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Best Lip Plumper

Best Lip Plumper Looking to plump those luscious lips without painful injections, but instead by using the best lip plumper ever?  This awesome lip technology plumping tool by Liptiful will have your kisser plumped in 30 seconds or less! From thin lips to fat lips, right before your very eyes, no pain with great gains. All you have to do… Read more →

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