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makeup forever glamour shoot, kandee johnson

Makeup Forever Glamour Shoot

Makeup Forever Glamour Shoot Have you seen Kandee Johnson’s Makeup Forever Glamour shoot video? Well, be excited because you are about to go behind the scenes with Kandee for the whole glamorous beauty process leading up to the video shoot. Watch as the amazing hair, makeup, and wardrobe crew prepare the gorgeous Kandee for a day of video shoots. It’s really… Read more →

makeup forever hd foudation

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Makeup Forever HD Foundation Makeup Forever HD Foundation review! Makeup Forever is an extremely high-quality luxury brand makeup (no freebies here, ha!). Their HD collection creates the illusion of absolutely smooth and flawless skin, by smoothing over pores, filling in lines and wrinkles, and creating a matte, velvet texture to your skin. The tiny particles in the Makeup Forever HD… Read more →

makeup forever

Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever My trip to Makeup Forever, plus a product review of one of my TOP beauty essentials from Makeup Forever!! Walking into Makeup Forever is like walking into a tiny magical world of beauty. I remember my first trip to a real Makeup Forever storefront vividly; the whimsical decorations, the rows of lit mirrors, and the rack and rack… Read more →

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