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Amazing Makeup Transformations

Amazing Makeup Transformations You have got to see these amazing makeup transformations by Kandee Johnson! She goes from girl to cartoon pop art painting girls right before your very eyes! It’s just fun to watch, so here you go! Isn’t that cool! Kandee has quickly risen in the world of amazing makeup transformations. She even got to transform the Late Late… Read more →

makeup ideas

Makeup Ideas

Makeup Ideas If you are on the prowl for some awesome new makeup ideas, then you have come to the right place! We are full of great makeup tips and will help you with all things beautiful! And guys! We also have lots of help from our own amazing makeup artist, Kandee Johnson! We have included many of her awesome video… Read more →



Makeup Makeup: the ultimate form of self-expression. Why do women wear makeup? Is it because we think we are ugly? Because we have low self-esteem without it? Is it simply a society norm with no meaning whatsoever? Or is there something more to it, something deeper than impressing our peers with superficial beauty. Makeup is a form of art where… Read more →

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