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Ken Barbie Doll Makeup Transformation

Ken Barbie Doll Makeup Transformation Have you seen Kandee’s Ken Barbie doll makeup transformation? It’s pretty amazing to see all of the artistic makeup transformations that girl can create with her own face as her pallet. Her Barbie makeup transformation may well blow your mind. Makeup Tutorials Next time you and a friend are heading out to a costume party,… Read more →

amazing makeup transformations, kandee johnson

Amazing Makeup Transformations

Amazing Makeup Transformations You have got to see these amazing makeup transformations by Kandee Johnson! She goes from girl to cartoon pop art painting girls right before your very eyes! It’s just fun to watch, so here you go! Isn’t that cool! Kandee has quickly risen in the world of amazing makeup transformations. She even got to transform the Late Late… Read more →

makeup transformations, kandee johnson

Makeup Transformations

Makeup Transformations Kandee Johnson has just released one of her craziest makeup transformations ever! She is a true artist, and her gorgeous face has been the canvas for one makeup transformation after another! It’s truly amazing how she can contour and change the shape of her face to look like another person. Sometimes she looks more like the famous person… Read more →

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