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makeup for brown eyes, kandee johnson

Makeup for Brown Eyes

Makeup for Brown Eyes Want a beautiful makeup for brown eyes tutorial? Well, here you go! This gorgeous brown smokey eye tutorial by Kandee Johnson is soft, alluring, and timeless. You will feel feminine and romantic every time you wear it. This is a beautiful brown smokey eye,and it will be pretty and flattering to any eye color. Any girl… Read more →

prom makeup tutorial, kandee johnson

Prom Makeup Tutorial

Prom Makeup Tutorial Ooo la la, will you ever be flipping over this gorgeous, prom makeup tutorial by Kandee Johnson. Not only is this makeup look perfect for your prom makeup ideas, you could also use these makeup tips to create your perfect wedding makeup. This lovely smokey eye will have your beautiful eyes taking center stage, as you dance the… Read more →


Acrylic Makeup Organizer With Drawers

Acrylic Makeup Organizer With Drawers Guys I finally got myself an acrylic makeup organizer with drawers, and I think it is going to change my life! Honestly, I am so tired of the endless rummaging through my “makeup organizer,” trying to find the lipstick, blush, concealer, or whatever it is that I need-right-now! I wonder how many years of my… Read more →

vanity dresser with mirror

Vanity Dresser with Mirror

Vanity Dresser with Mirror Every girl would love to have her very own makeup vanity dresser with mirror. Sitting in front of that mirror, creating her makeup look of the day, her mind wandering through her hopes and dreams, and perhaps giving herself a little pep talk before she heads out to see what the day will bring. Her makeup… Read more →

makeup vanity

Makeup Vanity

Makeup Vanity When we decided to build our white farmhouse, one of the main things I desired to have was a built in makeup vanity with a mirror in the master bathroom. I have always been a hopeless romantic and severely nostalgic, so the idea of a makeup vanity that resembled those of past generations was somehow very appealing to… Read more →

makeup vanity dresser

Makeup Vanity Dresser

Makeup Vanity Dresser What girl hasn’t dreamed of her very own makeup vanity dresser? Watch any girly movie, and the favorite main character brushes her hair in front of her makeup vanity, while various thoughts and emotions crosses her lovely face. Disney princesses, cartoon characters, the glamorous women of the old movies, you name it. The makeup vanity has been… Read more →

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