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Makeup Dresser

Makeup Dresser If you are looking for a makeup dresser that will fill the role of a makeup vanity in your bedroom or bathroom,¬†while giving you a place to sit and make yourself even more beautiful than you already are, then look no further! We have a makeup vanity¬†for every budget. We even have some ideas of easy ways you… Read more →

vanity dresser with mirror

Vanity Dresser with Mirror

Vanity Dresser with Mirror Every girl would love to have her very own makeup vanity dresser with mirror. Sitting in front of that mirror, creating her makeup look of the day, her mind wandering through her hopes and dreams, and perhaps giving herself a little pep talk before she heads out to see what the day will bring. Her makeup… Read more →

makeup vanity

Makeup Vanity

Makeup Vanity When we decided to build our white farmhouse, one of the main things I desired to have was a built in makeup vanity with a mirror in the master bathroom. I have always been a hopeless romantic and severely nostalgic, so the idea of a makeup vanity that resembled those of past generations was somehow very appealing to… Read more →

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