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photofacial technology

Photofacial Technology

Photofacial Technology   Hey guys, I wanted to give you my personal review of my experience with photofacial technology. Are you ready to get that fresh and flawless, soft as a baby’s, perfect skin? A face so beautifully smooth in color and texture that you really could go with no makeup? A face so free of discolorations, that your makeup… Read more →

natural makeup

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup It’s all about that natural beauty, babes!! Let’s talk about natural makeup, and what you can do to achieve that #iwokeuplikethis flawless face. 😉 5 steps to creating PERFECT natural makeup!! 1. Natural complexion Step number one, conceal to DEEMPHASIZE, not to HIDE. When applying foundation and concealer normally for a full-makeup look, we tend to try and… Read more →