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Red Hair Dye Kandee Johnson

Red Hair Dye – Kandee Johnson The red hair dye Kandee Johnson just did has us clamoring to our hairdresser as well. She looks beautiful in her new ombre red hair, and her hair extensions for short hair are so bouncy and flattering that we all may want to get some! Hair extensions are all the rage this spring as long,… Read more →

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Red Ombre Hair

Red Ombre Hair We love Kandee’s new red ombre hair color! Her new red hair dye and hair extensions for short hair turned out to be the prettiest look yet! Ariel would be proud her gorgeous mermaid looks. We all may be tempted to follow in her footsteps since the graduated ombre hair color is all the rage this spring. She… Read more →

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Short Hair Extensions

Short Hair Extensions Short hair extensions can make such a difference in the appearance of your hair, and are a great option if you are trying to go from short hair a short hair style to long hair, without the wait. There are several kinds of hair extensions, and some work much better than others. You will want to do your… Read more →

red hair, kandee johnson

Red Hair

Red Hair Now we know why Kandee Johnson has her red hair going on! It seems that having red hair gets you special favors! Check out Kandee’s new vlog, and see what her red hair color got her for free! She got special treats just for rocking that dark red hair! I’m pretty inspired to become a redhead ASAP! Kandee… Read more →

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