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smokey eye for green eyes, kandee johnson

Smokey Eye for Green Eyes

Smokey Eye for Green Eyes Here is a super glam smokey eye for green eyes. This is a really sexy smokey eye look and it’s also really fun! Smokey eyes have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians. They wore smudged eyeliner as protection from the elements and as a wrinkle preventative. Turns out people have been into… Read more →

eye makeup tutorial, kandee johnson

Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial Looking for a glamazon beach eye makeup tutorial? Heading out for your tropical vacation and wanting a beach babe look that can withstand the heat? You know you want to feel fresh and finished for that night out on the humid island. You will want a beautiful makeup look that won’t immediately melt off your face as… Read more →

great smokey eye tutorial, kandee johnson

Great Smokey Eye Tutorial

Great Smokey Eye Tutorial Guys I have a great smokey eye tutorial for you! This is my daily go to because it is polished, simple, and fabulous! I love that I can throw this on without worrying about too much perfection, or I can take my time and really go for amazing definition. Honestly though, our mornings can be crazy… Read more →

smoky eye

Smoky Eye

Smoky Eye Looking for a great smoky eye tutorial using the Naked palette? We have both for you today, and you will love it! The smoky eye is one of the most stunning makeup looks a girl can wear, and this one from Kandee is amazing. As always, she is also fun and engaging, so you  will have your beautiful… Read more →

smokey eyes

Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes When it comes down to the most loved eye makeup look, it seems that smokey eyes have it! The smokey eye is everywhere, in all intensities, and all color palettes. From the simple smokey eye to the most crazy and dramatic, we love them all! Some of the looks involve a lot of precision and time, and others are… Read more →

smokey eye makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup Smokey eye makeup is all the rage for Fall 2015, and the colors can be anything you choose. We’ve seen everything in the color spectrum; but in general, the browns have it, with copper and bronze taking center stage. The metallic look is making a strong come back, along with bold geometric lines in the eyeliner world.… Read more →

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