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Kardashian Makeup Tips

Kardashian Makeup Tips Kardashian Makeup Tips from Kandee Johnson to help you achieve that beautiful gold, glamorous eye makeup look that you will often see on the beautiful Kim Kardashian. From her makeup artist, to our makeup artist, to you, a beautiful makeup look that will have you shining like gold. What a great look for your special night! The… Read more →

easy winged eyeliner, kandee johnson

Easy Winged Eyeliner

Easy Winged Eyeliner Normally you wouldn’t see the word easy in front of the word eyeliner, but in this case, we truly have  an easy winged eyeliner tutorial for you. We even think it looks as pretty and professional as some more complicated applications, though maybe we should keep this our little secret;) Now this method of free handing an eyeliner… Read more →

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Makeup For Beginners

Makeup For Beginners Makeup for beginners can be a little bit daunting and sometimes somewhat overwhelming, but no worries! We’ve got you covered! You are not alone in your quest for everyday makeup looks  that will teach you some tricks of the trade, but still have you out the door in a reasonable amount of time! We have one of Kandee… Read more →

eyeliner tutorial, kandee johnson

Eyeliner Tutorial

Eyeliner Tutorial Hey beauties, how about a fabulous eyeliner tutorial from the gorgeous Kandee Johnson? This everyday makeup look starring Kandee as Princess Jasmine will really help you create the most beautiful winged eyeliner look! This is not costume tutorial, though you can certainly use it as one if you are looking for a beautiful princess Halloween costume tutorial.  This… Read more →

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