The Beauty of a Loving Heart

The Beauty of a Loving Heart


the beauty of a loving heartThe beauty of a loving heart is an unsurpassable beauty. The one who learns to truly love, unconditionally accepting people just as they are, is beautiful beyond description. Learning to love the way we would want to be loved is a wonderful pursuit in our growth toward becoming all we can be. What exactly does a loving heart look like? Let’s find out :)

7 Traits of a Loving Heart


Patience is a virtue that comes more naturally to some than others, but we can all ask for more. Impatience actually causes a stress response in the impatient person, leading to a cascade of inflammatory responses that actually damage health. If patience with others is difficult for you, stop and take several slow, deep belly breaths so that you can calm yourself so that you can respond to the situation in a loving way. When you begin to see that everything doesn’t have to happen on your schedule, or in your preferred way, patience will work itself into becoming your natural way of responding to things that used to annoy you.


Everyone needs to be extended kindness. If there is one thing that goes the farthest in impacting another person’s life, it would be to extend kindness to them. The whole world can come against them, but a kind word or deed given to or done for them just might change everything. You never know what someone is going through, and your beautiful, kind heart might give them hope and inspiration.


A person with a truly loving heart is concerned with the well-being of others, so she can fully celebrate the successes of another person without becoming jealous or bitter. She is happy when other people’s dreams come true and doesn’t measure her own worth against anyone else’s looks, status, or accomplishments. She is secure and happy with who she is and excited about her own future, so she can joyfully share her life with other people.

Honors Others

To honor others is to lift them up, appreciate and make known the positives about them, and to make much of them and less of self. A truly loving heart would never tear another down or do anything to hurt that person’s reputation in any way. Sometimes people tear others down in order to try make themselves look better, which never works. It only makes them seem like a jerk, and if they are honest, it makes them feel guilty for their hurtful words. To say good things about another person really does make everyone happier, especially the one saying those things. Let’s get in the game and lift up everyone around us!


Not flying off the handle or becoming angry easily is a perfect example of the beauty of a loving heart. Too many times people spout hateful and hurtful words when they become angry, and those words can never be taken back. It’s important to apologize and it is just as important to not keep a record of things that have been done against us. Taking a time out and figuring out what is really making us angry could save a lot of heartache, for ourselves as well as others. Anger is usually caused by fear, and fear is often unfounded, so we need to be sure that our anger is true. It is so much easier, and helps create a better way of living, to practice stress reduction so that we can develop patience; and then to approach our anger in a calm and defusing manner. Let love win :)

Loves Truth

The beauty of truly loving heart will always point to the truth, will always uphold the truth, and will always be true. A person who loves truth can be counted on and trusted. A lover of truth always give others the benefit of the doubt, because of their faith in the goodness of people.


A person who truly loves is always hopeful and always looking for the silver lining. She is always looking for the best in other people. She believes that everything that happens can be turned into a positive impact in some way, and seeks to apply that concept in the smallest turn of events. No matter what comes her way, she perseveres, because she believes that she can make it. She looks forward to the rest of her life, and does her best to bring hope to the world, because she knows that life is a beautiful gift, which is one of the most attractive traits in women.


The beauty of a truly loving heart is also this – we can all have one! We just have to ask, and then put into practice the things that we know will make our own caring heart more beautiful.

Happy beautiful life!!





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