The Beauty of a Patient Heart

The Beauty of a Patient Heart

the beauty of a patient heartOkay my babes, this one can be a challenge. You know when that light won’t change and you’re late, and everyone is getting in your way, and people in your life are being demanding and needy, and your deadlines are on top of you, and phone keeps beeping, and, ugh, that stupid light won’t change?!  What’s a girl to do when everyone just seems to be doing their best to try your patience?

We have all had a hard time being patient. There are so many situations that make it so hard to extend patience, rather than reacting in a defensive or aggressive way. People, situations, traffic, work, school, relationships, technology – you name it. Life is full of things that can upset us, but we do have a choice in how we react to those situations. Thank goodness we can apologize, regroup and start fresh when we don’t have the reaction we would like to, or would mean to.

I know that I am truly thankful for fresh starts. I would love to say that I am always patient, because it’s a virtue that is very important to me. But we are all only human, and sometimes my emotions get the best of me and I turn impatient. I say something that I don’t really mean to say, then I feel guilty and sad. I can tend to beat myself up, and that’s not the something I want to do either. I need to apologize, regroup, and start fresh.

Apologizing, regrouping, and starting fresh doesn’t mean that I should apologize and then let my patience run out again every time. I should apologize and do better. Take a breath, count to 10, cool my jets, tame my tongue, let it slide. Become the person I am meant to be: a person who is kind and patient when life doesn’t go exactly as I think it should, or someone doesn’t do what I want them to, or that stupid light won’t change when I am in a hurry!

The beauty of a patient heart gives grace to those who try our patience. It is the ability to see through the eyes of that other person. Maybe they are having a really hard time with something that has nothing to do with you, and you just happen to be in the way of their outburst. Perhaps your patience can be the very kindness that helps them through.

The beauty of a patient heart is one who reads that book over and over again, knowing that your little one just wants to cuddle a little longer. Or that person who just needs to have your patient and loving ear because they have no one else to talk to. Or maybe somebody who’s on the edge of having their own major freak-out just needs you to let them in front of you in line, and that will be the exact thing they needed to make it through their own rough day, and it only cost you a few extra seconds.

If we can learn to look outside of ourselves when those imperfect circumstances come our way, and see the bigger overall picture a little more often, we will have a much more beautiful life. The happiest people I know are the least selfish. They spend most of their time thinking of others, and thinking on the good things in life. They are grateful and kind. Practicing those habits has made them patient when the big and small things in life don’t go as expected. Instead of bringing a storm, they bring peace.

The beauty of a patient heart is that the patient one can change the whole outcome of every situation, just by giving the kind gift of patience.

So you guys, let’s all practice our patience and help make this world a more beautiful place.

Happy beautiful life!


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