The True Beauty of a Joyful Heart

The True Beauty of a Joyful Heart

the true beauty of a joyful heartWhat is true beauty? That’s a great question that could have many dimensions, because a woman is a complex and multi-dimensional creature. You, sweet one, are a beautiful and wonderfully made creation. It’s our hope that you will always be able to see how perfectly you have been made, and that, while we want to help you feel that you look beautiful, and will do our best to help you be physically beautiful through skin care, makeup, nutrition, and fitness, it is the heart of you that has our hearts. We want you to feel great about yourself and to be all that you are meant to be.


We recently surveyed a group of young men, and asked them what traits were the most attractive traits in women. The most common number one answer we got from them was joy. They want to marry a woman with a joyful heart. We love that answer, because every woman can have the true beauty of a joyful heart. It may come naturally to you, or you may have some work to do, but great news! You get to choose joy! It’s a choice!


We all want to be happy. We work hard to find happiness, trying different jobs, different relationships, different clothes, different school, different everything. We tend to seek happiness, but happiness is a choice. We have to make our own happiness. A woman with a joyful heart will be an uplifter of her husband instead of a negative drain on his energy. She will be pleased with him because her happiness doesn’t depend on him. She will bring life and lightness into his world. Our surveyed guys seemed to know this, and would choose a joyful woman as their number one quality in looking for a wife.


Joyfulness is defined as a bubbling over of a joyful spirit, or one who brings joy and happiness. I would love to be defined as one who brings joy and happiness. Since joy is a spiritual matter and also a choice, it makes sense that we need to look for joy within, rather than expecting people or circumstances to make us happy. My faith in God is the wellspring of my joyful heart. I am thankful for that gift. Choose joy!


Joy can be ours even when things aren’t going our way. That is part of the true beauty of a joyful heart – joy in the pain. We don’t have to be happy, but we can still possess that inner joy that lifts up those around us, and helps us get through those hard times. Joy can be the hope that this will pass and that things will get better. Joy can give hope to others, and be a light that illuminates the way, helping them to see that this is a bump in the road, and that they will make it through.

It’s often all too easy to get caught up in negativity. Negativity is a trap that can be hard to shake, especially when we hang out with negative people. If you want to find a joyful heart, hang out with joyful people! Negativity will fall away as joy begins to take hold. Choose joy:) Your life will better than you can imagine with just that one choice. Read uplifting books, watch uplifting movies, have uplifting conversations. Fill your life with good things. Go outside and enjoy nature. Think about uplifting things and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Choose joy and have a happy life!

The true beauty of a joyful heart is that joy is contagious. What a beautiful gift! When a joyful woman is in the house, everyone becomes happier. If she is unhappy, everyone else is brought down. So joyfulness is a lifter of people, and a bubbling over of a beautiful heart. I’m going to choose joy. I hope you will too!

Happy beautiful life!


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