Top 10 Traits of a Beautiful Woman Survey

Top 10 Traits of a Beautiful Woman: Survey

The Top 10 Traits of a beautiful Woman Survey says – wait for it – inner beauty for the win!!! We surveyed real men and they gave us real answers! Really great answers as it turns out, because though they appreciate our efforts to be physically attractive, it is the heart, soul, and mind that wins their hearts. We think their answers might pleasantly surprise you. We know that we love the list they gave us! The list is in no particular order. Each trait is beautiful and important and we would love to embrace and exude each one. But hey! We are all a work in progress and together we can grow:) So without further ado, may we present the…


Top 10 Traits of a Beautiful Woman

  • Confidence

Confidence, as in she loves herself and is steady and true. A needy person can be a drain on a relationship. A woman should be able to stand on her own so that she can become an equal partner. She needs to love herself and believe that she has a purpose and a reason for being here. Confidence can be a quiet strength, a rock that can be counted on in good times and bad. A strong and steady anchor that can stand the storms of life with grace. A confident woman is not threatened by the success of others, but she can truly celebrate the good things that happen to other people. She is not jealous, because she feels good about herself and understands that her life has meaning and that she will have her own successes. Confidence is a strong and quiet beauty.

  • Joyfulness

A woman who exudes joy lightens the load and brightens the day for everyone around her. She is a shining light, even during difficult times. A joyful woman lifts the spirits and draws people into her presence. People bask in her warmth. Joy breeds joy. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time in the presence of pure joy?

  • Sense of Humor

Men love a woman with good sense of humor. Laughter is definitely the best medicine. There is enough heaviness in every day, and a woman who laughs brings fun and light-heartedness to the world. Laughter is contagious and delightful. A woman with a great sense of humor and who appreciates the humor of others is a treasure indeed. The guys especially said they love a woman who laughs at their jokes!

  • Understanding

The world can be harsh and difficult for a man. An understanding woman can sense when something is wrong, and gently draw him out and encourage him. He needs to know that she thinks he is the greatest and he needs her to be understanding and overlook his minor flaws and imperfections – understand that his main need is affirmation from her. She will be his safe place. Other people might tear him down, but she will only build him up. As a result, he will become the great man she tells him he is.

  • Caring

A caring woman will always look to the needs of others. Any man would be proud of a kind and caring woman. He knows that he can count on her to offer only kind words that are helpful to others, and that she will offer those same words of kindness to him. A caring woman easily earns his trust.

  • Loving

A woman can show love in countless ways. True love is unconditional. She loves just because she loves. Her heart is pure and her radiance is astounding. A man who finds a truly loving woman will be the luckiest man alive.

  • Enthusiastic

An enthusiastic woman just makes everything, even ordinary things, seem like a great gift. She approaches life with a positive outlook and is not afraid of what others will think. She brings the party to every situation and is a true joy to be around.

  • Intelligent

An intelligent woman is a interesting and wise creature. She must not dumb herself down in order to catch a man. Men, at least intelligent ones, will appreciate her mind, and will depend on her to help solve problems and he will enjoy her stimulating conversation. He will want to know her opinions and will be happy to have a partner in making decisions. The more she learns, the more interesting she becomes.

  • Happy

A woman who is happy is an absolute joy. She doesn’t depend on someone else to make her happy because she understands that she has to choose her own happiness. Woe to the man who is stuck trying to make an unhappy woman happy, and light is the load of a man who chooses a happy woman!

  • Generous

A generous woman is not selfish with her heart. She is open to the needs of others and will help when she is needed. Because she is so giving, a generous woman needs a man who will give of himself to make sure she is refreshed. She is an amazing treasure!

Well, there you have it! The Top Ten Traits of a Beautiful Woman survey results. Be encouraged beautiful ones! We have a lifetime to continue to grow and blossom! You are so beautiful!!!

Happy life!




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