Top 5 Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Kit!

Top 5 Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Kit!

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Makeup brushes!! With all different shapes, sizes, and textures for application of all types of make up, you can always find an exact makeup brush for your specific needs. Whether you’re applying foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, concealer, contour, blush, or finishing powder, makeup brushes are the key that can help your makeup going on smoothly and precisely, with no mess! Get out your pen and notebook, because we’re going to go over the TOP 5 MAKEUP BRUSHES that every girl needs in her makeup kit!!


Flat Foundation Brush

For a beautiful, flawless face, you need the right foundation, but it’s equally important to use the right brush! A foundation brush can make or break the application of your favorite foundation, and there are so many options out there for foundation application tools. My personal staple would have to be my flat foundation brush, because it allows me to create a perfectly even coating all over my face and neck with this simple technique!

HOW TO use these makeup brushes:

Warm up a bit of the foundation on the back of your hand. Dab one side of your flat foundation brush into the product, and begin to apply it in a criss-crossing pattern over your entire face and neck. Blend with small strokes, staying with the criss-cross motion to make sure you don’t end up with uneven or streaky application.


Double this makeup brush up as a concealer brush! If you need a precise edge to your concealer, such as when you’re cleaning up the line of your dark lippie. Load up just the edge of this makeup brush with your concealer, and create a clean edge along the lip line, or flip to the tip and dap concealer into your dark circles.

Angled Eyeliner Brush

This one is a must! If you’re after that perfect wing, the angled eyeliner brush will change your life. The great part about working with makeup brushes as opposed to a pencil is that a liner brush allows you to better control the line weight. Paint the line as thin as you want, and simply drag the brush a bit higher to widen the line. Worry less about how strong your pressure is, and focus solely on location of the brush tip. Trust me, it takes a lot of the stress out of drawing the perfectly weighted liner shape your your eyes!

HOW TO use these makeup brushes:

Load up your ankled eyeliner brush with your favorite gel liner, and begin tracing your lash line. Start from the middle of the eyelid for easier control of the line weight, then work your way to the inner corner, then extend the line out. Here comes another advantage of the angled eyeliner brush! Instead of trying to draw that perfect wing, flip your brush over and line it up according to where you would like your wing to go. Press the brush down like a stamp, then trace back over the line to make sure it connects to the rest of your liner. Voila! A gorgeous wing in half the time. Bonus: it’s so easy to match on the other side, because you can line up the brush before applying pressure! Never suffer through the catastrophe of uneven wings again! Thank you, angled eyeliner brush!!


Double this brush up as an eyebrow brush! Make sure it’s clean, then load it up with your favorite brow powder or gel. Fill them out as normal! Brows are perfectly defnined with just a flick of your brush. :)

Fluffy Shadow Brush

The fluffy shadow brushes is one of the most versatile makeup brushes on the market. When I’m going for a night out, or if I can only take a small clutch or tiny purse with me for the day, this is absolutely my staple brush to pack! You can create almost any eye makeup look with your fluffy shadow brush. When you’re purchasing yours, look for a size that is big enough to blend with, yet still small enough to fit into your lid crease. The texture should be extremely fluffy and fuzzy! You don’t want this one to be stiff, like your flat foundation brush’s texture.

HOW TO use these makeup brushes:

This one is easy! Select the color you wish to apply to your lids, load it up onto your fluffy shadow brush, and apply it to the eyes using sweeping, circular motions. Apply a neutral or lighter color onto your entire lids, then load up a soft brown or taupe color, and work it into the crease. Remove excess makeup from the brush, then go back over your lids, blending the colors out just a bit. Use these makeup brushes for a natural look, for a blended colorful eye, or for an intense, smokey eye. Control the intensity by blending more or less, and achieve that sultry, hazy effect with ease!


In a pinch, I will double this one up as a mini contour brush for my face! After applying my contour eyeshadow in my lid crease to deepen the crease, I run the excess product alongside my nose bridge, sides of my forehead, into the hollows in my cheeks, and along jawline. Be aware that lines from a smaller brush like this can show up more easily, so make sure to blend out in circular motions with the brush or with clean fingers after application! This is great when you’re in a time crunch, or you just feel extra lazy and want to get as much done as possible with as few tools as you can get away with. 😉

Kabuki Brush

I love the kabuki brush!! The reason I chose kabuki brush as a part of the top 5 instead of an all-over powder brush is because, for one, you can get a kabuki brush in a cute and handy collapsible version! A collapsable kabuki brush is one of my favorite makeup brushes, because it provides excellent coverage for my translucent powder without messing up my carefully applied makeup (the worst thing ever!!), since the texture is so light and fluffy! Also, the collapsable version is of course portable, and also very sanitary. The last thing I want to apply to my entire face is a brush full of germs and acne-causing bacteria! Ew.

HOW TO use these makeup brushes:

After applying your face makeup (aka, your foundation, BB cream, concealer, any complexion products), load your kabuki brush with your favorite mineral powder, pressed powder, or loose translucent powder, and swirl your brush on the inside of the compact’s lid. Tap the edge of the brush onto the side of your powder compact to remove any excess product, then apply to your entire face and neck with a swirling motion. Use a light tough here to avoid upsetting makeup on your face! This will set everything into place.


Make your own matte lip! Double up your kabuki brush as an instant matte-maker. How do you get this look? Apply any normal lipstick as usual. Take a facial tissue, peel it in half for the thinnest sheet possible, and place it over your freshly coated lips. Load your kabuki brush with your favorite translucent powder, and dust it generously over the tissue. Peel it away, and tada! Your lips will appear matte, and your favorite color won’t transfer onto your morning coffee cup. Enjoy!

Slanted Contour Brush

The slanted contour brush is a must have in any kit! Since contouring is all the rage, you want to make sure your application is on point so you can stay on trend. The slanted contour brush gives you ultimate control of the shadows on your face! The slanted shape lets you see where you’re applying the makeup, and tit helps you to get that perfect chiseled look.

HOW TO use these makeup brushes:

Load up your slanted contour brush with your favorite contour shade or bronzer, tapping off excess before applying to your face. Basically, you want to draw a giant “3” on your face, starting at the forehead, sweeping down into the hollo of your cheeks, then down around jawline and underneath chin. Make sure to blend, blend, blend!! You want this to look like natural shadows on your face, so remove all harsh lines or streaky marks.


Use this brush to apply your blush! Just make sure it’s clean first, so you blush doesn’t turn a muddy color on your cheeks. No thank you! Fluff your pretty pink or peachy shade over your cheeks like you normally would, because this brush is very similar to your regular blush brush anyway. Easy!

Alright babes, now know the top 5 makeup brushes you need in your kit, so go out and stock up! These makeup brushes are game-changers, so play with them and find your own favorite uses and application techniques.

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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