Vanity Dresser with Mirror

Vanity Dresser with Mirror

vanity dresser with mirrorEvery girl would love to have her very own makeup vanity dresser with mirror. Sitting in front of that mirror, creating her makeup look of the day, her mind wandering through her hopes and dreams, and perhaps giving herself a little pep talk before she heads out to see what the day will bring.

Her makeup dresser is a special place where she can keep all of her favorite makeup products, lotions, fragrances, and anything else that makes her feel special. Perhaps she can even beautifully organize everything in her personalized acrylic makeup organizer. Not having to search through a jumbled mess of products would be such a time saver and would make for way less frustration in the getting ready process! Sometimes the simplest of things can make life so much easier and use of precious time so much more efficient.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother had the most wonderful vanity dresser with mirror, and on our vacations to her house, my cousins and I would spend hours playing dress up at that awesome bedroom makeup vanity. The friendships that were formed in front of that special mirror were deep and bonding. Secrets and giggles were abundant in that little bedroom where we played. Memories to last a lifetime were formed and sealed.

Three year old me tried on my mother’s wedding dress in front of that vanity dresser mirror, and I decided right then and there that I would wear that dress when I got married. My grandmother had made that gorgeous wedding gown, with it’s long train, v shaped waist, tiny hand sewn satin covered buttons, and lace sleeves ending in a perfect v on the back of my hand. Everyone thought it was so cute when tiny little me modeled that dress in front of that vanity dresser with mirror for anyone who would notice.

I never forgot about that special dress, and, years later, I did wear that very dress as I walked down the aisle to marry the love of my life. I felt like a princess with the long train on my dress and my veil trailing behind me. The beautiful marriage that my parents modeled seemed to be a part of my ceremony, as my dad married us. Three generations of women were represented in that dress, and wearing it as I got married was a deeply special feeling. We placed my mom’s wedding dress portrait next to mine at the reception, so that everyone could be a part of that sweet story.

On the day of my wedding, I put on my bridal makeup while seated at my very own vanity dresser with mirror. w

When I was a young girl, we had to be frugal and couldn’t afford to buy a makeup vanity for my room, so we improvised. When I entered middle school, and looking like a young lady became important, we came up with a great idea for my vanity dresser with mirror. At the time, I was having to share a small bathroom with my two brothers, so they really didn’t like it when I took the mirror for girly things. They wanted me to play baseball like I always had, not put on mascara and such!

What to do? I had a matching headboard and footboard, that created a four poster bed. My dad removed the foot board and sawed off the posters to make the front legs. He made the back legs to match, creating a long flat table that was the perfect height for a vanity dresser with mirror! We painted that vanity several different colors through the years, to match my changing favorite colors.

We found the perfect vanity dresser mirror at a garage sale for a crazy cheap price. It was round and princess like. We hung it on the wall in front of that awesome bedroom makeup vanity and I loved it. That mirror saw my changing face as I grew into a young woman. In front of that mirror, I got ready for my first day of 7th grade, my first day of high school, my first date, did my senior prom makeup, got ready the day I left for college, and prepared myself for my wedding day. There were many days of ups and downs, the joys and sorrows of a beautiful life that began and ended while I sat at that makeup vanity dresser with mirror.

That sweet little mirror hangs in a special place in my house. It is ever a reminder of my happy childhood and days gone past. I am thankful that I had my very own vanity dresser with mirror. Life is sweet.

Happy beautiful life!!!


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