Vegan Pizza Recipes

vegan pizza recipes, kandee johnsonVegan Pizza Recipes

We know that sometimes a girl just needs a little comfort food. Some delicious piping hot pizza and a chick flick can solve just about any problem! We also know that sometimes the next morning the bloat from that pizza can be a drag, so why not try this awesome one of our vegan pizza recipes that will leave you feeling great!
Made with gluten free pizza crust, homemade cashew sauce, and topped with tons of veggies and dairy free cheese, your pizza indulgence is no longer a cheat! You can opt to make a homemade cauliflower crust and not even go over board on your carb intake. That’s a win!
Comfort food without paying for it later! What could be better than that? We hope you enjoy this favorite one of our vegan pizza recipes. Share it with your friends and they will love you even more! Pizza and friends! That will cure whatever ails you! Enjoy!

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