Watermelon Nutrition

Watermelon Nutrition

watermelon nutritionLooking for some juicy watermelon nutrition information and nutrition facts before biting into that refreshing, sweet treat? Well, look no further! In fact, go ahead and enjoy that yummy delight. There is so much goodness packed into that juicy fruit, that you can enjoy it now, and read this later! :)

In fact, watermelon is so full of water that it is great for keeping hydrated, so if you are out in the heat, grab a slice, find some shade, and check out these watermelon nutrition facts while you chill. Yum!


Since watermelon is about 92% nutrient packed water, it really is great to pack for picnics, post workout, ball games, lunches, snacks, or anytime you need a pick me up that will also replace lost fluids. Dehydration can be very sneaky. You can’t really depend on a sense of thirst to let you know when you are losing fluids, because by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. You can slice your watermelon and store it in the fridge in easy to carry containers. Or you can choose to chill them whole and carry it with you to your next picnic or outdoor gathering and cut it on site to share. Bonus! You can initiate a watermelon seed spitting contest to add to the sticky, messy fun!

When I was a kid, my mom loved to go on picnics. Picnics in the park, picnics in the rain, picnics in our own back yard. She also loves watermelon. It was a sweet part of my childhood. I guess that’s why thoughts of watermelon bring me happy feelings. It turns out that her preferred method of eating the deliciousness, adding salt to each piece, was great for kenhancing watermelons ability to help keep electrolytes balanced on those sweaty summer outings. Tasty and satisfying.

Wondering what other watermelon diet nutrition facts you need to know? Let’s see what else this might melon has to offer your busy body.


Your body loves this phytonutrient in so many ways! Not only does this powerhouse give watermelon its beautiful red color, it is an amazing antioxidant that can help you heart, your bones and even help prevent prostate cancer, probably due it’s anti-inflammatory properties. We really want to keep inflammation at bay. Science is proving inflammation to be the root of all disease, with stress as its main culprit.

To get the most lypocene for the buck, be sure that your watermelon is fully ripened, and that the meat is nice and red. Redder equals more lypocene.

You can eat two whole cups of yummy watermelon nutrition for only around 80 calories. Those are good, nutrient dense watermelon calories that your body needs.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are also phytonutrients and watermelon contain two that are great for your heart. Not only can they help lower blood pressure, reducing your risk for hypertension, they work together to improve circulation, which is always good, since your blood brings fresh life to every tissue of your body. What an amazing, mind blowing body we have been given.


You really want this little guy in your diet, because he is a big player in reducing chronic inflammation. Natural anti -inflammatories are great at helping keep your body safe from disease.

Cancer Prevention

Anything that keep cancer away is good enough for me!  Adding fruits and vegetables increase your odds of preventing cancer. The anti oxidants in watermelon nutrition make it a great addition to your healthy diet.


We all hate the dreaded bloat, and the fiber and water contained in this tasty treat can be a helpful vehicle for better digestion. If you need more help with digestion, check out these quinoa nutrition facts.

Skin and Hair Benefits

Watermelon nutrition contains about a quarter of your daily intake of vitamin A and vitamin C, both of which help to increase collagen, and to improve the texture and strength of your skin.

Your hair and skin will become more moisturized and you will look radiant.


Just before your hardcore focused workout, drink some watermelon juice to prevent recovery soreness. Sounds good to me!

Be smart and keep your servings reasonable. You want to have everything in balance. Too much of a good thing is not always better, so keep lots of nutritional variety in your healthy diet. Enjoy your watermelon nutrition, be active, and live well!

Happy beautiful life!!

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