Wedding Makeup Looks

Wedding Makeup Looks

wedding makeup looksWhen it comes to your wedding makeup, you may want to choose between several wedding makeup looks. Your big day comes with so many choices! First, you have to choose your groom! šŸ˜‰ Then you have to choose your venue, your menu, your guest list, your invitations, your flowers and decorations, your budget, (yikes!), your attendants, your music, your vows, your official, your dishes and home goods, your hairdo, your jewelry, your DRESS, your shoes, your going away outfit, your honey moon attire, and the list could on! Wow! Wouldnā€™t it be awesome if something could make your life a little bit easier in the midst of all of your decisions? I mean, this is supposed to be one the most exciting and joyful times in your whole entire life!

It seems like I left something off of that list… something very importantā€¦ oh yeah! Your wedding makeup! How your wedding makeup looks will be documented in so many pictures and videos, that you will want to be certain that you have a look you will love.

Makeup Ideas for Wedding Day

I would suggest that you find a look or looks that suite you and try them on for a day. See how your makeup looks and feels after several hours. If it holds up, and you feel bridal beautiful, then that is one worry you can check off your list. If you plan to do your own makeup, you might want to practice several times so that you arenā€™t in a panic on that wonderful day. If you plan to hire a makeup artist, it is a great idea to have a practice run to be sure you are on there same page come wedding time.

It is your most special day, and you need to feel perfectly beautiful before you walk down the aisle. Once you leave your dressing area, the last thing that you should have on your mind is any worry about your bridal look, least of all the way your wedding eye makeup turned out, or if your blush is too heavy. You will want to be free to be fully in the moment, enjoying and remembering every single detail of your wedding experience. It should be the most special night of your life up to that point. Life gets better and better!

When my husband and I were engaged, people began to tell us how stressful planning a wedding was. They told us we would fight a lot and that all the details would drive us crazy and make us miserable. So many people told us that they were so nervous at their wedding that they couldn’t remember one thing about it.

Ecstatically Happy

That all sounded so sad and terribleĀ to us. We just wanted to be ecstatically happy, so we set about our wedding pans with that in mind. We were engaged after almost three weeks of dating, because we just knew, and married less than three months later. That is a short time to plan a big wedding, but we just wanted to be together. We were waiting for marriage to be together;). so we sped things up a bit.

Turns out three months was just the right amount of time to get things done without having enough time for it to drag out into a stressful situation. Of course, my mom played a huge part in getting it al together because she is just great at that kind of thing. We decided to do our best to plan everything just the way we wanted it to be, but decided not to sweat it if the flowers didnā€™t show up, or the cakes werenā€™t absolutely perfect. What ever happened, we would still be married at the end of the day, and that was the whole point!

Our day came, and everything did go perfectly. We had made the decision to take it all in and remember every detail and we did. We can still remember the whole evening and Iā€™m thankful for that. When else do all of your friends and family dress up and come to a celebration that is all about you and your husband, all about blessing your lives as you become one together. In front of 750 people, we had the honor of vowing to love each other for life. But we whispered ā€œforever.” We still have that forever love, and it blesses me every single day.

Sorry for that nostalgic venture! Kandee is here to save the day with someĀ of the prettiest wedding makeup ideasĀ ever: the royal wedding makeup that Kate Middleton wore! Itā€™s so soft and romantically beautiful! Enjoy!

Wedding Makeup Tips

Happy beautiful wedding, and may you live happily ever after!


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