Weight Loss and Fitness Program

Weight Loss and Fitness Program

weight loss and fitness programLooking for a weight loss and fitness program that fits your goals and lifestyle? Start your very own weight loss exercise program today, and take your body to the next level! There are so many plans, diets, and workout programs out there to choose from, so here is how to select the weight loss plan and fitness program that is right for you!


Your diet is so important when you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle! Craft your personalized weight loss fitness plan around your goals, activity level, type of exercise you perform, and your body type. If you are training to be a bodybuilder, for example, you would want to choose a bodybuilder diet that allows you to lift heavy and make the gains you want.

The saying is true: abs really are built in the gym, but not REVEALED in the gym! You can’t outrun a bad diet, so before you try hours and hours of cardio to burn off the foods you are consuming, check in with your diet and make sure you are:

  1. fueling your workouts properly;
  2. fueling your muscles for optimum recovery; and
  3. eating nutrient dense, healthy foods that won’t hold you back from achieving your goals!

A good diet plan to implement into your weight loss and fitness routine needs to adhere to several important rules. Here’s what to look for when choosing your appropriate diet plan:

  • Does it contain enough protein to feed your muscles at the level of workouts you are performing? If you are lifting weights daily, the number of grams of protein will be higher for you than if you were doing steady cardio for your form of exercise.
  • How many calories does the diet plan allow for? You want to make sure you don’t overdo it on the calorie count, especially if your goals include weight loss. However, that being said, going under your caloric needs can have the same negative effect! If you eat too many calories and not burning the excess off, you will likely gain weight. If you eat too few calories, you may experience weight loss at the beginning, but after a little while your body will go into what is called starvation mode, in which it thinks that you are starving, so it will begin to hold onto as much body fat as possible and burn your muscles as fuel! That is NOT what you want when you have fitness goals! To keep either of these diet disasters from occurring, make sure that the weight loss and fitness plan that you choose has enough calories for your weight, height, gender, body type, and activity level. A good general guide would be 1400-1800 for women, and 1800-2200 for men. Of course, this number can vary drastically depending on natural metabolism speed, size, lifestyle, and even goals! So make sure to take all of the variables into consideration when deciding on your daily caloric intake.
  • How many carbs does the diet plan allow for? The same as protein, carb count can differ depending on your size, gender, activity level, and TYPE of activity you perform. Many athletes and dieters these days are implementing carb cycling into their regimen. Carb cycling is a form of diet where a person eats a low carb diet on certain days of the week and then adds carbs in on the rest of the days, which keeps glycogen levels from depleting and allows you to burn your carbs as energy more efficiently. Many people are having success with weight loss and muscle growth while following a carb cycling program. Whether you decide to try carb cycling or not, carbohydrates are important for keeping up your energy levels and fueling your workouts! They can also help combat excessive muscle soreness post-workout. I was experiencing excessive muscle soreness after my weekly hardcore leg day, which I sure many of you can relate to! I would be so sore for the next 72 hours that I could barely walk, or even bare to pull on my clothes in the morning. Even fabric seemed to hurt my legs! I decided that something was off, so I started stretching after my workout for an additional 20 minutes instead of just my normal 10. I didn’t notice much difference in my soreness level, so I turned to my diet for answers. I was making sure to get in 30 grams of protein immediately after my intense lifting workout, but I had never consumed carbs after a workout. I began eating berries and drinking coconut water right after my leg day, along with my whey protein shake, and it has made all the difference in the world! Now, I can get out of bed on the day after leg day without crying 😉 and I can push myself on my workouts on the following days even more because my legs aren’t killing me anymore! Make sure that your diet plan allows for carbs, and you can choose when and how you want to consume them. Pre-workout, post-workout, or even every other day, carb consumption can differ for every individual and their particular needs, so be open-minded and experiment with the diet that works best for you!


Your workout program depends on your goals, availability, and level of fitness! Here’s what to look for when choosing your plan:

  • Does the plain include resistance training? You want to choose a plan with some type of resistance training, be it bodyweight training, resistance bands, or actual weightlifting. Pumping iron not only gains you more muscle mass, which burns more calories daily, but it also revs your metabolism for the rest of the day! Muscle mass is like your fat-burning best friend. The more you build, the more you burn!
  • It this plan sustainable for your life? It’s great to make sacrifices to stick to your plan, but if you know that in the long run, this plan either requires too much time commitment or is unrealistic in any way, it’s not the one for you. Choose a plan that you can maintain throughout the rest of your life, because fitness is a journey, not a destination!
  • Does this plan include high intensity interval training for cardio? The latest studies show high intensity interval training to be more effective at fat burn and strengthening the heart than sustained cardio, so don’t waste time and effort by working out the old school way! Check out high intensity interval training programs before deciding on a routine and see if one is right for you.

You now have everything you need to choose the weight loss and fitness program that fits your goals! Get out there and be all you can be.

Keep living that fit life, babes!!



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