What is a Healthy Diet for Women

What is a Healthy Diet for Women

what is a healthy diet for womenHey guys! Wondering what is a healthy diet for women? With all of the resources at our fingertips, and the countless articles from who knows where with all sorts of different opinions, it can be rather overwhelming for a person who is looking for straight answers. Sometimes it’s hard separating the rubbish (ever heard of the Twinkie Diet? Nightmare!) from the trustworthy info. Dieting is a particularly incongruous subject, so there always seem to be too many contradicting articles and views to manage. This article is here to simplify the healthy woman’s diet for all you lovely ladies who don’t have hours a day to sift through the monstrous virtual junk drawer called the internet!

So, what is a healthy diet plan for women?

Obviously, there are cases where some women might need a bit of tailoring to their diet based on medical history, illness, or food allergies or sensitivities, so always consult with your doctor before you adopt a new way of eating. Another factor can be activity level, so you may need more or less fuel depending on how much you exercise (if you’re an athlete, read about what you should be eating now to improve in your sport with Nutrition Sport Fitness!). Goals should also be taken into consideration, so whether you want a weight loss diet, a Bodybuilding Diet, or a diet for glowy skin and beauty, you may want to hone your diet a bit to include the things that will give you a boost in your desired direction. That being said, a simple healthy diet for women will help you obtain all of those results to a degree, and your health will be well-rounded in every aspect.

Healthy Recipes

Here is a list of things that women should be eating every day!!

•Old fashion slow-cook rolled or steel cut oats

•Plain Greek yogurt

•Lean proteins such as grilled chicken breast, ground turkey, and white fish

•Nuts or nut butter, especially almonds (limit to 2 Tbs per day)

•One whole egg


•Green tea

•Spinach or kale

•Fresh avocado

•Long grain brown rice (this will help you gluten free girls get your vitamin B!)

•Chia seeds


Mix and match that list for your daily food intake, and you’ll be vibrant and fit in no time! Of course that’s not all you can eat, but to help you out with your shopping list, here’s just a few foods that you should absolutely avoid at all cost!

Healthy Diet for Women in Their 20s

Women: Want supreme health and a flat tummy? DO NOT eat these foods!!


•FAKE sugar or sweeteners!!

•Red meat (allow this only 2 or 3 times a month)

•Ice cream

•Quick oats

•White bread

•White potatoes



•Corn syrup

•Processed meats (lunch meats, sausage, most meats in restaurants)

•Regular milk (may mess up your hormonal balance!)

•Stevia (can also affect hormones; in some countries it is used as a natural birth control)


•100 calorie packs

•Fat free foods

•Sweetened yogurts


•“Diet” foods or drinks

•Simple carbohydrates (white rice, pasta, bread, sweets, etc)

•GMO foods such as soy!

•Packaged snacks and processed foods

You Can Do It!

A little overwhelmed? Don’t be! If you consume mostly the foods on the first list and dodge all of the no-no foods, how to eat a healthy balanced diet will be a simple process that won’t even require much brainpower to get through! Always remember, you’re doing this for YOU and for the vibrant, active lifestyle you want and deserve! And also, don’t forget to keep checking back here for tips and tools to help you along your way! I’m here for ya! (like with these apple nutrition facts just for you!) 😉

Keep living that fit life, babes!



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