What Makes You Beautiful

What Makes You Beautiful

what makes you beautifulWhat makes you beautiful? What do you think makes you beautiful? I wish we could hang out and have this conversation in person. I’m sure you guys would blow my mind with your depth and insight, and it would be a very enlightening and interesting conversation, broadening all of our hearts and minds. But, since I happen to have the floor, with your permission, I would like to continue our ongoing series on how to be beautiful – the inner beauty of your heart.


Let’s talk about the beauty of a kind heart. I think kindness is probably my favorite quality a person can have, and it’s definitely one I aspire to have. I mean, think of a woman that you know that is full of kindness. Does her face glow with a warm and beautiful radiance? Do her eyes sparkle and dance with light? Do the words that flow from her mouth bring sweetness, encouragement and healing to those she encounters? Does she draw people to herself like a warm and comforting fire? Would you say that she is beautiful?


The inner beauty of a kind heart can shine like no other. I know women who actually glow because they are so lit from within. It is a beautiful and wonderful light that makes their faces more radiant than the sun. I just love to look into their eyes and listen to the sweetness of their words. They are mesmerizing! So maybe it’s shining with that light that makes you beautiful.

My dad taught me to be kind. He sat me down one day and told me that the whole world can come against someone, but a kind word has the power to lift them back up. He reminded me that we are all just people, trying to make it in this world. He said that I could change things for someone by extending kindness, and that no matter what else I became or did with my life, kindness would be the most important of all. Kindness can soften anger, encourage the down and out, lift up the helpless, and help heal the sick. Kindness can ease the lonely, change the hardened heart, restore relationships, and give courage. Kindness can heal a broken heart, bring hope to the hopeless, or brighten a day.


When we look at all of those things, and think on them, it seems that my dad was right. I will never forget that conversation and will always be thankful for a dad who taught me to love people. I remember waiting in the car at all kinds of gas stations and convenience stores while he extended love and kindness to the cashier. He always made every person he encountered feel like they were the most important person in the world. He taught me to look people in the eye and give them my full attention when they are talking to me, not looking around for someone I might rather talk to. He said that everyone is important and everyone deserves to feel special, and that kindness is a gift to be given freely. It becomes a privilege to be a vessel of kindness.

Has anyone ever been kind to you in a way that you remember? Of course you do, because those are things we do not forget.The kindness that you extend today will be what makes you beautiful in the eyes of that person for the rest of their lives. Wouldn’t it be the best leave a legacy of kindness in your wake? Many will leave a path of destruction, but you have the ability to blaze a path of kindness that will light the way for others. Take a moment and think. What are some ways that you could extend kindness?

So what if you haven’t been practicing the art of kindness? I have great news! Everyday you get a do-over. You can start extending kindness today and it will change your life in more great ways than you can imagine! If you mess up, it’s ok! We are only human, and we will make mistakes. We can learn from them and start over again, practicing kindness until it flows like honey.

Choose kindness!

Happy beautiful life!


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