What’s in My Makeup Bag?

What’s in My Makeup Bag?

makeup bagHey babes! Wanna know what’s in my makeup bag? I like to keep one makeup travel bag with me at all times, for on-the-go! At home I have my makeup organizer with my larger palettes and products that I swap out for every now and then, but I like to keep my makeup essentials with me everyday in my travel makeup bag. So what do I always carry with me in my makeup bag? Let’s get started!

First off, CONCEALER!!

If there is one product I can’t live without, it is this secret weapon! I use my concealer for any blemishes, redness, and dark under eye circles. In my bag, I always have my two concealing necessities: an allover shade for quick and easy blending, and a concealer palette! I like to find my allover shade in a small tube, so I can easily stick it in my clutch, pocket, or purse when I’m out for the evening and might need a touchup. My concealer palette however is always with me for when I’m actually getting ready! I like a concealer palette with a salmon based color for my dark circles, a yellow tone for correcting redness, a darker shade in case I happen to have a slight tan or a bit of an uneven skin tone, and a lighter shade to use as a highlighting concealer! I love the brightening effect that applying a highlighting concealer in strategic stops can have, and I like the fact that my highlighter is built into my concealer palette for on-the-go application. It’s always best for me to be able to double up my products so I can pack less in my makeup bag!

Next, BROWS!

I am LOVING the Dip Brow in Chocolate by Anastasia!! I saw Kandee applying it in her makeup tutorial videos, and I fell in love with her brow look, so I had to try it it for myself! I went to Ulta and sampled it, and it was perfect. The waterproof formula even stayed on throughout my intense workout! And let me tell you, I was sweating buckets! 😉 I always keep this handy little gel brow pot in my makeup bag, along with an angled brow brush or eyeliner brush. If I don’t have time for anything else, I at least feel good when I can go out with my concealer and brows done!

On to MASCARA!!!

I am slightly obsessed with mascara! I love having a fresh clean makeup look with long, full lashes as the focus. I am currently loving Benefit’s “They’re Real!” mascara! It goes on without clumps, and it makes my lashes look like I’m wearing falsies! It’s super buildable too, and I can create lots of different looks with it. I always have this little wonder in my makeup bag, which is packed full of eye makeup ideas! It’s not officially waterproof, but I have had no problems with running or smudging while wearing this bad boy.

Last must-have in my makeup bag… my favorite LIPPIE!!

I can never go out without a bit of balm, gloss, or color on my lips! For one thing, I absolutely hate the feeling of dry lips— it drives me crazy! Since I’m constantly needing to add moisture back into my lips, I like to use a tinted lip balm for everyday makeup application. When I’m on-the-go, my current favorite that is ALWAYS tucked into my makeup bag is my Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm in Soft Caramel 50. It has a nice, neutral, warm color to it, and it looks great on every skin tone. It also has a slight shimmer, so it looks like your lips are moist and dewey and totally kissable. Bonus? It has SPF 20! When I apply this balm, my lips are hydrated, beautified, and protected. What more could I want in a handy little balm? No wonder it’s always packed in my makeup bag!

Once all of these items are packed away in my handy dandy designer makeup bag, I can head out the door with confidence that I will be feeling polished and confident all day long! I love taking these essentials in my makeup bag everyday, because who knows when you’re going get invited somewhere right after work? I keep my makeup bag stashed in my tote or in my car so I can touch up my makeup whenever I feel the need!

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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