Whats Inside this Makeup Box

Whats Inside this Makeup Box

what's inside this makeup boxWhats inside this makeup box? Kandee Johnson has two amazing announcements to make in this video! You will be so excited once you watch and hear! Plus, she is just so cute and fun, so you will enjoy the whole thing!

Kandee is such a light to all of us. She understands first hand what it is to go through hardships, and she wants you to know that good things can come through the trials. If you are having hard times, hold on, and know that this is part of your life path, and things will get better. Don’t give up!

Kandee’s joy and excitement is so contagious that we can’t help but celebrate her good fortune and wish her the very best. She gives so much encouragement to us. She really hopes to be a bright light of hope to the down and out, and to lift everyone’s spirits, everywhere she goes. Life can be hard on people, and a kind word goes such a long way. It’s not that hard to offer a smile or another act of kindness to another person. It can mean more than you know. It could change the whole day for someone. Wouldn’t that make your life worthwhile? To be a light to others? Let’s give some kindness to Kandee! Let’s be happy and celebrate the goodness that has come her way. And now…Heeeeeere’s Kandee!


Guys! Being nominated for a Streamy award is a really big deal and such an awesome reward for all of Kandee’s hard work for all of us. The YouTube world has become so competitive, and Kandee has risen to the top! That’s amazing! she has worked so hard for this! We hope she wins, but either way, she is the winner in our collective opinions! She is truly thankful and excited to be nominated, and she thanks her fans for supporting her.

In case you don’t know what the Streamy awards are, they have been around for five years now and are to honor the best in online video and the creators behind it. The annual event brings together the biggest names in YouTube and online video for a night of celebration, discovery, and meaningful recognition.

Have fun Kandee! And good luck!!!

Did you see what’s inside this box by Kandee Johnson?


The Nude Stix concealer pencils are so cool! You can take the light one and use for highlight contouring, the medium one for blending the lighter one, and the darker one for contoring the cheeks, nose, creases of the eyes, and other things like that.

The Baked Highlighter in french vanilla by Laura Geller. It is the most amazing brightening color to highlight everyone’s face. It is baked, so it is light in texture, and just one of her very favorite products ever.

Lipstick Queen’s Ice Queen, which is a beautiful frosty color, beautiful with or without a color underneath. It really does make a beautiful, nude look to go along with your pretty much no makeup days. Add it to the center of the upper and lower lips to create a beautiful, highlighted, plump lip.


I’m going to order what’s inside this box from Kandee Johnson right now – get your fashion makeup too so we can be Kandee-beautiful!!!

Happy beautiful life!!!


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