Yoga Poses Basics

Yoga Poses Basics

yoga poses basicsReady to dive into the yoga poses basics? When you begin your yoga fitness journey, it’s absolutely crucial to have a good strong base! This means that you need a firm understanding of the yoga poses BASICS for beginners before you can move on to advanced yoga poses. Grab your mats and let’s get started!

First off, let’s take a look at a basic sitting pose. Sit down with your legs crossed in a comfortable position. Try to aline your entire spine, so that you are not curving forward or leaning back. Create a strong base with your hips by allowing your tailbone to become heavy and feel rooted to the mat. Allow a small curve to form in the small of your back, then slowly stack each vertebrae on top of the last, so that you build a strong, tall, straight back. Allow you shoulders to roll back and drop down, away from your ears. Broaden your collarbones and feel your chest expanding side-to-side. From here, take a deep breath in through the nose, and try to grow the space between each rib on both sides of your body, creating space to breath even more deeply, ad continuing to grow the spine taller and longer through the sides of the body. Allow your hands to rest comfortably on your knees, with your palms facing up. If you prefer, you can cup them in your lap, right hand over left, with fingertips touching opposite pulse points on the wrists. If you choose the second option, make sure that you are not allowing your shoulders to follow you hands and curve inward. Now, just take a few breaths here to center yourself, finding your yoga breath in through the nose and out through the nose, and let your mind calm down. Relax into the structural of your straight skeletal system and allow your muscles to begin to soften, without compromising the correct position of your body. Enjoy this basic sitting pose, unwind, and breathe!

Next up in our basic yoga poses and names, the simple back releasing poses, cat and cow!

yoga poses basics :: Cow Pose

Let’s begin with cow pose. Come to a position on your hands and knees. Check that your hands are directly beneath shoulders, and your knees are beneath hips. Gaze down at the mat, keeping your ears way from your shoulders, and place the tops of the feet on the mat. Your spine should feel straight and strong here at the beginning of your pose. Inhale deeply, feeling the sturdiness of your position. Exhale and feel your hands and knees becoming firm roots for the pose. On your next inhale, begin creating an arch in your back, starting with the tailbone and moving up the spine. Tip your tailbone up toward the ceiling, allowing lower back to begin dropping toward the floor, followed my mid back, and up to the shoulder blades. Tilt your head up toward the ceiling, as long as it is comfortable for your neck. Your entire back should be swayed in a slight U shape, with the lowest point being in the middle of your torso. Allow your belly to feel soft, and try to relax as many muscles as you can without compromising your alignment. This position will flow directly into your cat pose.

yoga poses basics :: Cat Pose

Starting from the final position of cat pose, begin to reverse the arch in your back. Beginning with the tailbone, tuck it underneath you, rolling it downward, then allow your lower back to follow, then your mid back, upper back, and shoulders. You should end up in a C shape, bowing up like a cat. The middle of your back should be the highest point of your body. Drop tailbone just a bit lower, and allow your head to fall. Release any tension in your neck, keeping ears away from shoulders. Let your head hang heavy, and try to relax all of the muscles in your body that are inactive during this pose. Return to your straight back position to end your cat and cow pose sequence.

Last one on our list of yoga poses basics!

yoga poses basics :: Savasana Pose

Savasana, also called Corpse Pose, is easy on your body, yet challenging for your mind. Lie down flat on your mat, with arms alongside your body, palms facing upward. Straighten your legs, and allow your feet to fall outward. Focus on your breath, and try to soften every muscle in your entire body. You should feel no tension in your body. This is a time to focus on relaxation of the body and mind, so try and keep the mind calm and centered. You can count breaths, check in with your muscles, or repeat a mantra. Keeping your thoughts from running away with you by simply acknowledging them as thoughts, then letting them float away. Visualize your thoughts acceding above you and drifting away in the breeze. Do not stress yourself out over having thoughts! Notice them, and let them go. Just breathe.

There you have it, some of the top yoga practice for beginners that you need to learn for yourself! Enjoy this yoga for beginners, and keep on growing in your own practice, at your own pace.

Keep living that fit life, babes!



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